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  1. cleaning the windshield wipers

    For a quick wipe, do what neelam suggested. However, if they're really dirty, I suggest you take them down and clean them properly. My car is always in the garage, my windshield wipes rarely get dirty but before I rented my garage I always had to deal with... well, I'll just say it: bird poop! It's such a pain!
  2. Automatic Vs Manual

    Personally, I prefer the stick shift, it's how I learned to drive and an automatic transmission makes me uncomfortable. However, when I first visited Dubai, I rented a car with manual transmission, but boy did I hate myself for it! Jatin explained really well, driving an automatic so so much better than anything else!
  3. Wax job

    I wax my car about once or twice a year. It's not that it needs any waxing, but it's the thrill of waxing your own car in the garage! It's the principle involved that maters, and besides I really enjoy it!
  4. What was the biggest DIY job you've ever done?

    I'm not much of a bragger, mostly because I usually prefer to let the 'experts' do their thing when it comes to cars. But I did repair my car's dents on occasion! It's so much cheaper than taking it to the shop every time!
  5. What's your favorite classic car?

    Ford Mustang is a good car! I'll give you that! However, I myself am more of a Jaguar fan. I've had a "thing" for it ever since I was a little boy! Still got my old car figurines to show off with
  6. Buying car tires Online

    Personally, I prefer seeing them first, any imperfection to me is a reason to send them back. Which is not a problem, but consider the waste of time! So, when it's time to get new tyres I simply turn to car workshops that sell them.