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  1. Hi guy, I am having an issue with my 2010 Hyundai Elantra. I am not sure about what that is, and why my car began acting like that. Well everything was quite ok before 7 days. It ran about 130000 only. Yesterday returning to home from office I observe that car jerking like it was not in the right gear. I tried to control by shifting gear enounously twice and three times but seem nothing happening. I parked it near petrol station for about 10 min and tried to do some examine like getting car in reverse but nothing happen, Subsequently I took a little run and figure out the same snazzy jerk again. Slowly I took it to local garage and got to know that transmission is began slipping again and again without verifying car throughout. He advise me to change it. I was amazed to the need of transmission change absolutely only after five years of smooth driving from office to home and home to office. I am not sure about it but seems like the transmission slipping has been common issue with this year of car design. The garage guy said that for this car exclusively 2010 to 2013 they are changing transmitting at least one per day. Now when I went to Cars dealer they said another tale that there was an internal failure in 3rd gear!!! Different tale for different day might be. This is silly that a transmitting would have to be changed this soon? Is that a issue with this year/model car? Please recommend me guy whether I should go with authorized dealer or Local garage??
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