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  1. I will try the apex gulf, it seems they are professional and do the work properly.
  2. Anyone can recommend a good car 3M tinting shop where they do it indoors in separate area? The one I got in a mall parking ended up having bubbles. The same problem was 3 years ago when I did in a mall parking and I had to go back THREE times to re-do the tinting. I think it's because they do it in open area?
  3. I am going through exactly the same. I guess I need to move far from my workplace
  4. Yes, it is the V8 5.6 I guess then it's normal as I drive around one area only, where I get stuck in traffic usually.
  5. I have had my patrol (320 HP) for 3 years now. I have noticed lately that its consumption has become almost 28 liters per 100 km. Actually I never cared about mileage but started recently, after driving it more often. Is this mileage normal or can there be something wrong?
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