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  1. Hi Guys, Anyone has used Hiclone Pulstar spark plugs on Y61 which is supposed to increase the fuel efficiency and boost the power. https://www.hicloneqld.com/nissan-patrol-y62-y61-gu-gq-up-to-24-better-fuel-economy-with-hiclone-up-to-15-more-power/ One should not be thinking about petrol while owning a patrol, but still checking if there is any scope of improving the gas mileage. Thanks
  2. @Gaurav thanks for the detailed reply. Great forum here. Get to know the pros and cons from real users. Thanks to all.
  3. Will try out all the versions. And true that, this is the best time to buy cars in used market as long as you have cash in your pocket. Thank you for the detailed advises.
  4. Thanks for the opinion Barry. Will look for your previous posts.
  5. @desertdude Many thanks again!!! Thats a whole lot of information. The passion you have for Range Rovers seems to be extremely contageous!! Now let me start my Range Rover search in full swing!!! Many thanks Again. Have a great Week ahead.
  6. Many Thanks to you @desertdude. for such a super detailed reply to all my queries. Glad that I asked in this forum. Now the LC V8 is slowly fading in mind and Range is getting more clear. But Pls let me know how much does an average 10 k kms service costs in these garages. FYI So far I had been driving Japanese SUV and the maintenance costs was negligible.
  7. Hello Friends Recently I came across some good Range Rover sports SC 2012 model with around 100 k kilometers on the odometer. I wasn't exactly looking for a range, but when I saw the cars up close, I was really attracted to them. But I had heard about the suspension failure sky-high parts prices and the like. Since I do not personally know anyone who is driving a sport 2012 from whom I can take opinion, thought of asking the forum. Is it advisable to go for a used one of 2012 with 100 k kms and full service history. How much does an average service cost? Are there good alternatives to Al Tayer service centre. Also are the parts easily available in the.. 😀 Sharjah market. What are the major expensive parts replacements that I can expect? Lot of questions, your advices will be of great help Thanks HSD
  8. It is a complete lift kit with fox shocks and Pro-comp dual steering stabiliser. 2.5" lift. Fits Jeep JK. I have it fitted on my 2010 Jeep JK 2Dr and does well on and off road.
  9. Hi All, I have lift Kit for Jeep JK for sale. Brand New - Still in original Packing - Fox 2.0 Shocks - Performance IFP - Rubicon Express Springs & Lift Kit - Pro-Comp Steering Stabiliser - Imported from USA Price AED 5500/- (Market price over AED6K) Please PM 050-8566459 Thanks