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  1. Thank you Gaurav for your feedback, sounds like Nissan is the better bet for offroad and Land Cruiser mostly for road comfort, resale value, reliability and maintenance cost. Gaurav can you please tell me your Patrol was automatic gear or manual gear. I am looking for an automatic as I have automatic licence.
  2. This sounds exciting and would mean I could have time to discuss with you guys regarding the dilemma of which car to go for. i will check with my cousins and let you know later in the evening.
  3. Wow that was quick, Thank you Rahimdad for your valuable insight. However I forgot to mention that I have an automatic license so I need a vehicle with an automatic gear. Is it the same story for the gear on the Nissan Patrol with the automatic gear. I briefly drove my cousins Patrol for a while and it felt pretty good, but I need some one to lend me the Land Cruiser so that I can have an experience of both and than decide. Very nice of you to catch that i am looking for a second hand vehicle and thank you for the tip that in a couple of months time I can get it for a lower price than what it is selling for right now. this also allows me extra time to make up my mind on which one to go for.
  4. Hi Guys, I am new to Dubai and came across your website which looks so informative. So many wonderful posts. I have gone dune bashing with my cousins and I guess I have a dune bug that has bitten me. Now I want to get my own off-road monster. I am divided between the Toyota Land Cruiser 100 series and the Nissan Patrol and so far my cousins have been great help to confuse me even more. I would like to have opinion from the car gurus here as to which one is better for say 70% of on-road driving and 30% desert driving. What is power to weight ratio, and which one is better? Which one is more comfortable on-road? Which one is better in the desert drive? Which one has more after market mods available? Which one is lower on maintenance? Generally fewer headaches and more fun? I am eagerly awaiting your valuable inputs, and hope you will not leave me confused like my cousins.