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  1. derik

    Oil Change

    Yes because they very conviniently count dubai as an extreme condition to change oil every what i mean. stick to 10 with paper oil filter and no flushes at all atleast until 50 thousand,
  2. Go for tundra, just make sure it has the 4x4 option as some tundra and sequioa comes with 4x2 option and only good for road.
  3. derik

    Used Bentley

    I dont know much about bentley but I can only advise that stay away from such extreme priced marquee likes of bentley, maserati etc after 5 years unless you have good source in searchjing used parts and mechanic. They tend to loose resale a lot due to this reason as after 5 years of age maintenance istoo expoensive to fix and thats why they get very attractive with 1/5 - 1/10 of the original cost.
  4. It was certainly fake and that's where they didnt bother to get another fake part to backfire more and alsoi couldnt ordered original one as that must be expensive then this fake part and now if they charge more fpor genuine part then surely get caught.
  5. Just curious @Gaurav that now what action Sharjah Economic Department plan to take against such fake parts seller? Please update without fail.
  6. derik

    Different Set of Tires

    It's better and advisable to have all 4 tires of the same brand, age, tread, and design. If different you might loose good grip and result in lower fuel mileage.
  7. derik

    Pajero Milage

    I don't think you ever need to change fuel filter unless some issue with the use of bad quality fuel like in some places in oman and saudi. If you were always in UAE, then not required to be honest.
  8. derik

    Need good quality RC Pajero

    Gaurav, I love your Pajero and by any chance, if ever you plan to sell please PM me. I know killer body, but whats traxas?
  9. Oh wow, that's a really good news. Congratulations Gaurav. I so wish to see @desertdude and @shadow79 face bitting their fingers. So finally this has been proved that Al Qaswa Auto Spare Parts is selling the FAKE parts and found guilty and forced to refund and not even to replace the faulty or non-working part. Amazing work by Sharjah Economic Department, hats off to you guys.
  11. So VW emission scandal resulted in defamation too? *******INAPPROPRIATE CONTENT EDITED******* Toyota cruise control failure on sheikh zayed road resulted in defamation too? *******INAPPROPRIATE CONTENT EDITED******* I'm a Pajero user too and I actually immediately correlate what OP has suffered by seeing the fan is jogging instead of running when the gauge is 75% up. In Pajero gauge movement of 5-10% kicks the loud fan on, no rocket science needed. If its fake part, then shop should be closed. If its genuine but non-working then replacement should be offered. PERIOD.
  12. Pajero is known for this just enough cooling in hot month, you will get used to it from second year onward. Just keep driving and you will be fine, don't stop in heat.
  13. derik

    How is Cooper Discoverer A/T3

    @Sidshk Thanks for the prompt feedback and indeed they look very promising other thann bit extra noisey - I guess.
  14. derik

    How is Cooper Discoverer A/T3

    From the looks of it, I just simply love them and I have been seeing in one of the 4x4 parked next to my office daily. Can anyone please provide the real time feedback for 75% road and 25% offroad usage? Thanks in advance guys.
  15. derik

    Carnity Car Clubs

    It sounds like an amzing idea, but wondering how do you satisfy the club ego's? Been there, done that for a while and realize all I need is 4-5 friends (at best) to venture and not any clubs anymore.