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  1. Thanks Gaurav for clarifying the air, as one of my office mate mentioned this lifespan point that regular off-road cuts the vehicle life by half and with that fear in mind I have been really scared and thinking of killing my family bbq drives even to not to have big toll on my Pajero. Off course I am very careful driver and don't do any stupid stunts, just drive safely to some roadside sand area for picnic over the weekends. Hope that much is fine. If your Pajero can run after 18 years, I am sure mine will last that long too.
  2. Sorry but totally useless answer. Can someone please help by answering my question with an answer I'm looking for lifespan (in percentage). Thank
  3. I understand that offroad usage put extreme stress on the best offroad car even, so wondering to know more in how much intensity will it impact? Example: regular offroad usage slash 25% of car usable life or 50% or 75%, just an approx as per offroaders experience here in UAE sand desert. Secondly which component dies first by using car regularly in offroad: Engine, Transmission or 4x4, Suspension or any other? P.S. I don't meant for maintenance, but actual dying of any component due to offroad stress
  4. Wow these are the amazing drive pics. Wondering how Pajero can keep up in such wild track, you have left your car behind and walk across or driven inside the wadi with the cars?
  5. I am from Arizona, US and thrown into this beautiful la-la land since 6 years.
  6. Go here and filter results with Abu Dhabi gives 4 options and I think 2 of them will be of your interest:
  7. Trust me if RTA and Dubai Police will introduce this fine, in next 24 hours fast lane will be empty and no idiotic driver will ever block the traffic flow and genuine 115-120 kmph driver will be using the fast lane. Speedometer variance issue is very minor, as 99.99999% public intentionally drive slow on fast lane as they don't want to get blocked by slowest traffic and also they don't have courage to drive faster, so fast lane is their blessing in disguise lane.
  8. Fantastic read by everyone here, just a small suggestion for dubai police and RTA to stop wasting time without applying the basic common sense. They are actually increasing the traffic pilling by installing STUPID radar to shoot the tailgater. Their radar need to shoot the car in front with 50 million dirham fine, if car behind them is too close and lane on their right is empty. PERIOD. By current so called smart radar, the dumbest driver got more backing from RTA and Dubai police and they even more blatantly blocking traffic on fast lane as now they know no one can tailgate them.
  9. Do you mind explaining why Pajero is a nightmare? Is it from performance perspective or in general maintenance up-keeping.
  10. Thanks guys for making this separate topic, much better to discuss than thread-jacking that drive thread Great slomo video shows everything other than crucial part of tipping, too bad One of the most imp reason for roll over we all are missing here is the higher center of gravity, that contribute more than 75% as a cause. Was this vehicle lifted too?
  11. This much you can do it yourself with normal black paint spray can. If you want good quality long lasting job buy some rust proofing can from ACE hardware and do it yourself by going under the car. Lift the car with jack for slightly easy access and that's it. You really can't go wrong in just spraying some paint in specific areas.
  12. Thanks @Rahimdad for such calm explanation and welcoming this question. I was literally not sure to raise it here or not as some people will jump the gun, but it seems totally otherwise here.
  13. To be honest, rust proofing is not really required if you are in Dubai or Sharjah. It's majorly required in northern emirates due to heavy coastal line and plus bad road network. You can try apex gulf they do the rust proofing and also you can check with Nissan dealer arabian automobiles, I am sure they also do that but off course double the outside price.
  14. Just wondering to know more that why "offroad clubs here in UAE doesn't like to share and discuss these" I have been part of one off-road club for very short period and I recall that roll-over pictures were removed almost immediately from the forum and all were advised not to discuss it anymore.