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  1. Pajero is known for this just enough cooling in hot month, you will get used to it from second year onward. Just keep driving and you will be fine, don't stop in heat.
  2. How is Cooper Discoverer A/T3

    @Sidshk Thanks for the prompt feedback and indeed they look very promising other thann bit extra noisey - I guess.
  3. How is Cooper Discoverer A/T3

    From the looks of it, I just simply love them and I have been seeing in one of the 4x4 parked next to my office daily. Can anyone please provide the real time feedback for 75% road and 25% offroad usage? Thanks in advance guys.
  4. Carnity Car Clubs

    It sounds like an amzing idea, but wondering how do you satisfy the club ego's? Been there, done that for a while and realize all I need is 4-5 friends (at best) to venture and not any clubs anymore.
  5. My dream offroad rig is Pajero Evolution, that has been discontinued since long time and I think @Gaurav here shares the same dream by living with 3.5 swb pajero in old shape. Amazing engineering to win 12 dakar rally with that same car. 1985, 1992, 1993, 1997, 1998, 2001 till 2007
  6. Chip tuning in Dubai

    Thanks bro, have they showed any dyno results of before and after at least? Was this the original ECU flash or the piggy back (removable) setup?
  7. Well congrats for getting car back, I know how it feels without car when you only have one car. Btw, I am also surprise to hear that prado has air struts which is known devil for all german and uk cars.
  8. Chip tuning in Dubai

    Hi @SilverSurfer thhanks for the info and nice words. Do they do the road rolling test as barry mentioned? And how much it costed you? Will wait for the review in sand after Friday drive. Thanks a lot.
  9. Chip tuning in Dubai

    Thanks Barry. Do you have chipcenter number and any idea how much they will charge for Pajero chip tuning for adding more hp and torque for offroad usage?
  10. Under body rust protection

    I heard from a friend that Ziebart offers good rust proofing product and also offer annual maintenance package. Galadari is their main dealer her, hope it helps.
  11. deflation vary as per occupant numbers?

    Thanks guys for your advices and im on highway tires and should stick to 15 pressure in that case.
  12. Anyone knows the best place for chip tunning in dubai? Whether flashing the original chip or using the piggy back im open to both options, but with genuine and knowledgeable chip tuner in dubai and not just wannabe tuner screwing my OEM setup. Any help is highly appreciated.
  13. I have been always driving in sand at 14-15 psi, after reading this here somewhere. Now last week I was having 5 people in car and car was struggling a lot more. Do I increase or decrease the tire pressure when I have full load or it doesn't matter?
  14. Not bad as a make shift, but I still prefer branded and heavy duty stuff to be 100% sure unlike using scrap parts for off-road (too much risk involve IMO).
  15. Thanks Gaurav, couple of questions: Is this fan came from scrapyard? Is this fan carrying any model number or make? Does this job carry any warranty? Have you tried motor sport shops here selling universal tranny cooler that comes with fan in built?