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  1. @Barry Toyota recommends 20W40 or 10W40 for Camry starting from 2000 models. That's y I said flush it with 20W40 and change to 10W40. Just an Old truck driver advice. To flush. I don't a sh*t about mechanics of car. You are my cheif adviser. If it's safe to flush the engine like that what else is safer.
  2. With all the Professional advices from @Barry @desertdude I can't say much I don't know how many will agree with me. My advice buy a gallon of 20W50 4ltrs. Get the old oil removed fill in 20W40 without changing the filter drive for 100 to 500km. Go back to oil change person remove the oil check the oil while it's draining if it's good and not gunky but dirty it's as good as flush now Get your Oil change done again with 10w40 or 50 this time change filter also. You will be fine. And what can go wrong with a Camry it's a Donkey among cars. I own one @shadow79
  3. DiamondDallas


    @Barry what confusion I got myself into I am not buying any of them but driven both. Driving LR3 was different than LC200. On Road drive only. I am happy with my POS. But really I would love to drive LR3 OR 4 off-road.
  4. DiamondDallas


    Now I am more confused.
  5. DiamondDallas


    Wow great feedback @Gaurav Bhai I was Just Curious to know cos there is Huge clash between LC and Disco fans. So wanted to know what my group has to say. Missing you all. Will meet up soon.
  6. DiamondDallas


    Was Going Through YouTube watching a lot of debates on LC Vs Disco. What Carnity has to say for the same. I used to Love Disco LR2 or 3 till 2006. Have your Say?
  7. DiamondDallas

    Land Rover Defender mall crawler

    This Guy is Flood ready. Hopefully some Bad experience in Discovery Garden or International City. Broken pipe which he used for snorkel
  8. DiamondDallas

    Land Rover Defender mall crawler

    That's Must be Chinese Copy of Defender. OMG Y waste a that thing.
  9. DiamondDallas

    1997 - 2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ Owner Review

    PAJERO is Great Car specially the one in your Pic @Ren13
  10. DiamondDallas

    Kalashnikov CV-1

  11. DiamondDallas

    2014 Honda Accord Coupe - Owner Review

    Yes Its a 2 In One Beauty And The Beast. Parts as you mentioned are expensive even the surplus ones. Honda is Honda with all the Pros and Cons. Nice Drive through Out @Ren13 Aweson Pajero. I miss Mine ALOT!!!!
  12. DiamondDallas

    1997 - 2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ Owner Review

    It's the real W of Suv. Whatever Whenever it's ready.
  13. DiamondDallas

    Help Needed in Car Audio System Selection

    Hmmmm ! I guess My POS will be always with OEM Sound system. I case if you want to know what POS means ask @Barry. Thanks for great advices once I buy my Dream Car I will make sure to read this thread again. Thank you Carnity.
  14. DiamondDallas

    Automatic Vs Manual Part Duex

    I really think it's about the Driver whose driving his experience driving a 4x4 or a saloon Lexus LS430 In a desert. New 4x4 Autos are great. Manual are fun. I had a Manual I know I might be a worst off-roader but it was fun. Auto is shift and accelerate. Manual is Manual. You think for the car not vice versa. End of the day You enjoy your ride and Love your Car. Most important.
  15. @Barry me planning to Buy 1998 SWB Galloper always my Fav Car Looks Amazing will Whats app you Pics ADVICE PLEASE