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  1. I am down with Fever cough and Cold. I will join if feel better by Friday. Have Great Trip. Love To All
  2. 1938 Ford rat rod build

    @Barry its a great car. I have my doubts with a Mustang engine and also other power parts used. Fuel tank is beer KEG. Will it be safe in uae summer as even as few km. Unless you use RED HORSE rather than petrol. Seriously.
  3. Thank You So Much Tribe Carnity ! I will miss you Guys Lot. So Much I learned and Enjoyed with You all. Special Thanks to Our Marshal @Gaurav and Our Superman @rahimdad for New experiences. @shadow79 for making it a Fun ride with his Poor Rav4 whom he punishes for being a Rav4 not LC, special Thanks to nice friend @skumar83 . Deepak was fun watch you fly with that xterra making the sand your Runway always fun you and saleem. Asif - My sort of a person a truck Guy hopefully someday catchup with you on my raptor (nothing wrong in wishes Guys ;p) Basel - Awesome your Patrol was great to drive along You guys. I am really sorry I wont be able to make it for the drive but for Sure I will meet you guys at the meeting Point. time is short for me a have to prepare a lot of things before I leave. Love you All. Stay Blessed. Dont Flatten the Dunes just Yet.
  4. Engine displacement is not everything

    Sorry couldn't delete but edited @Gaurav hi
  5. Adjustable electronic window tints

    @Barry Any recommended Irani Shop who can do it. Satwa or Qusais Might be alot Cheaper. Dragon Mart to Buy Machine (Those Chinese People are getting Lazy). Jokes apart its a Good Prospect Wish You all the Best BRO!!!!
  6. In Al Awir after the auto mart going towards vegetable market. AlFann i think is the name
  7. Wheel Alignment

    So Sorry Tribe, I have to bring this topic up one more time. the thing is the the Person in Fast Fit who used to do Wheel Alignment for my Pajero is not there anymore. So any Good person recommended . Thanks In Advance
  8. @Barry I want to buy 206 R/C COUPE can you advice 2009 model.
  9. As Much as I will Love to come but Saturday being a Working Day for me I won't be able to make it. Enjoy yourselves and make sure you Miss Me.
  10. Manual vs Automatic Off-road for desert dune bashing

    Right on! Welcome to Carnity Family. I drive a manual and fully agree with you. I am Amateur at it Offroad only.
  11. DSC_3226.jpg

    Awesome Photos and Amazing Drive, Yummy Food! Sad I missed it.
  12. I drove porshe cayenne (drove not owned) and Lexus LX, Cayenne has the interior look,hand stitched leather and all fitting of luxury Room, LX also has feel of Comfort, My Old kia Sorento was full option top of range was comfortable with less than half the price of both the cars. MY pajero gives me a feel of a car which I love. Never sat in Rolls or Bents or Range so can't comment. I think car should give a feeling of a car not a luxurious hotel room. UNLESS ????? (Use your imagination to answer that ). Car is a Car. Some people use them as status Symbols. Not to along ago (1998) my Dad gifted me Caprice SS Impala Black 1998 model. The Power the Comfort and the Drive of that Car I miss till date too bad it got Cancelled due a bad accident and I did'nt even know what happened till i got out of car and saw what happened (safety features) Now that is What I miss in Cars of Today.
  13. I sure love to Join in later maybe can't promise anything send me your location and I will try. @Barry I know my engine was build by best engine builder in the world but my monster has other parts to be fixed. Shock absorber and steering oil leak. That best mechanic is on Vacation. So when he's I need to do some other stuff to the car too. Remember "CAR DOES NOT DRIVE ON ENGINE ALONE". Diamond 3:16
  14. 😢 Me going to miss that Yummy BBQ Man. I so wish I could Join in. Really