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  1. Went to workshop , guy told me to steam wash car and see if the spill again show up as per him its a old leak from top.
  2. Thanks a lot for all your expert advice, Any recommendation for this job ??
  3. Its seems more of a Golden color so i assume its engine oil, Anyone suggestion who can fix it ?
  4. Hi Need a help and advise before i go to any workshop and get ripped, below is image of leak Whats can be the issue and best possible way to solve it and also if you have any workshop who can really solve this problem
  5. can we chat on Whatsup if possible
  6. Any IT related guy here need advice
  7. I need help with desktop Pc build up , can you help me
  8. Thanks gaurav bhai Tyres were out of balance, things seems fine Tomorrow he will test on high speed and i will keep you all posted
  9. We will go and check with Auto pro tonite
  10. Exactly, This is wat we found out last night there is some issue with one or multiple Bushes but the problem is we cannot identify which one.
  11. tires are fine , He has checked it from Bridgestone store
  12. both vibration and Noise dies after 100 Kms
  13. This is or someone else who is not yet member. He drives Paj 2010 3.5 Now below are some of issue he faces There is Vibration from back of the car between 80-100 Kms and there is some sort of propeller sound Post 100 to 120 There is no vibration, after 125 and above there is vibration in the steering wheel What can be possible cause ?
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