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  1. Can you give me details of Brand and form where you have replaced it
  2. I need the dimensions of the Audio System
  3. Can you send the Normal interference
  4. Garavbhai I need the dimension of the player which i need to buy and also there are 1 din 2 din which i can;t understand
  5. No budget , i just need replace my original Audio Player with any Video player with Android
  6. My First Love was Mitsubishi Lancer GLX with Sun roof
  7. Hi I m planning to buy new Audio Video system for my Pajero 2008 LWB, I need help to what is the exact size , Din and type should i look for online
  8. Check Parts before you take from them they are tend so sell 1st copy
  9. Sidshk

    The movie club

    But Still Interesting List to see
  10. Sidshk

    The movie club

    Thriller, Action and Sci Fi
  11. Sidshk

    The movie club

    Can some one help me with list of titles to watch in Netflix
  12. Have a good life bro dosvidaniya!
  13. 1969 Boss 429 Mustang 1969 Dodge Charger
  14. Dubai is a very transient place. People come to make money, save and leave so it’s pointless modifying a car and putting your heart into it when you will have to leave eventually and sell it for a lot less than it’s worth. Things can go wrong for you overnight here and you just have to get on a plane and go. I was planning to stay here for a long time but the longer I stay, the more cynical I become and I’m at the point where I am falling into the same thing. I just want to grow my bank balance and get out. I love cars but owning a nice one in Dubai just doesn’t turn me on any more. Truth Spoken
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