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  1. I bet most of us would like the R33-35 only
  2. Hi Need a suggestion for good road trip, Camping or other activities for upcoming long weekend .
  3. Who doesn't like to drive fast ? 😁 Cyclist are not Nuisance they are noble souls ....😇 I m afraid of pop up cyclist specially in SHJ and RAK
  4. Old post but need advice Did any one got rust proofing done ? Please let me knw
  5. 1- Scared of hidden cameras, when ur in ur joyes mode and a flash light breaks ur happiness 2- Cycling heros on the street , who don't bother to look back wats coming to hit them 3 - Meeting a Snail paced driver on first lane and he refuses to move when i m getting late for work
  6. But we can remove and get it passed Just want to knw if tht will effect my ride
  7. Is bull bar/ Nudge bar is big no no or go go Need advice
  8. Motorists will no longer have to pay Dh10 for having an attendant fill petrol ADNOC Distribution announces cancellation of service fees at the petrol stations and offers them free of charge starting next Sunday, November 3. In June 2018, Adnoc launched its premium service for a small fee. Motorists are required to pay an additional Dh10 if they want a petrol-station attendant to fill their vehicles with gasoline at Adnoc petrol stations. Motorists also have the option to use the self-serve, which is free. On Thursday, Adnoc Distribution said that it had taken into account feedback from nearly 14,000 customers through focus groups and surveys. Commenting on the move, Adnoc Distribution’s Acting CEO, Saeed Mubarak Al Rashdi, said: “Our recent marketing campaign offering free assisted fueling has proven to be a success … in conjunction with feedback from extensive customer engagement, it has resulted in the decision of the Board of Directors to approve offering free assisted fueling to all our customers, which we will implement beginning this Sunday, November 3.” “We trust this will be very well received by our customers, as well as our investors, as it will facilitate and strengthen our ambitious network expansion and volume growth targets.” 😀
  9. Omar Awan was driving his dream car when he lost control. The sleek, blue Model S Tesla careened across a road in South Florida and slammed into a palm tree. But it wasn't the crash that killed him, his family's lawyers said - it was the car's futuristic design features. The last moments of Awan's life were gruesome and excruciating. After the crash, the Tesla's lithium ion battery caught fire. Smoke - and then flames - filled the car, suffocating Awan and burning him from his feet up. Outside, a crowd gathered, but couldn't help. That's because the car's retractable door handles, which are supposed to "auto-present" when they detect a key fob nearby, malfunctioned and first responders weren't able to open the doors and save Awan, alleges a wrongful-death lawsuit. "The fire engulfed the car and burned Dr. Awan beyond recognition - all because the Model S has inaccessible door handles, no other way to open the doors, and an unreasonably dangerous fire risk," the complaint reads. "These Model S defects and others," the suit says, "rendered it a death trap." Awan, a 48-year-old anesthesiologist and father of five, leased the Model S for two reasons, family attorney Stuart Grossman said: he was environmentally sensitive and safety conscious. Tesla, maker of electric vehicles, has also claimed that the Model S once achieved "the best safety rating of any car tested." So Awan, who could have afforded a Mercedes or another luxury vehicle, went with the 2016 Tesla. And it killed him, Grossman said. "These things, they just love to burn," he said. "The car is so overengineered. It's so techy, it makes you want to buy a Chevy pickup truck." Tesla's public relations team did not respond to a request for comment on the lawsuit, filed in October, and the company's lawyers have yet to respond in court. But shortly after the February crash, a Tesla spokeswoman told the Florida Sun-Sentinel that "We are deeply saddened by this accident" but that "Tesla vehicles are engineered to be the safest cars in the world and Tesla drivers have driven more than 10 billion miles to date." Awan's death is one in a string of recent incidents that has been blamed on Tesla's innovative technology. A lawsuit stemming from a May 2018 crash that killed two teens also blamed a battery fire for at least one of the deaths (Grossman represents the car's third passenger, who survived the accident after being thrown from the vehicle). In April, surveillance footage from a Shanghai parking garage showed smoke billowing from a Model S moments before the car burst into flames. The widely-shared video prompted Tesla to open an internal investigation. Several other suits have attributed deaths to Tesla's "Autopilot" system, an automatic driver-assistance feature. "There are a number of these cases," Grossman said. "What the hell is going on?" In Awan's case and in other crashes, the carmaker has argued that high-speed crashes can result in fires whether the car is powered by gasoline or batteries. But Awan survived the collision, and he could have escaped the smoke and fire, too, Grossman said - if only the police officer who arrived on scene could have opened the car's doors. The lawsuit asserts that the features rendered the car "defective" and "dangerous" - the door handles compounding the problem of an "inherently unstable" battery. "Tesla failed to warn users about the scope and extent of the defective and unreasonably dangerous conditions of the Model S," the complaint says. The Broward County autopsy report, obtained by The Washington Post, lists Awan's cause of death as "inhalation of products of combustion with a contributory cause of death of thermal injuries." The medical examiner who responded to the crash wrote that Awan "was not identifiable on scene." His clothes and hair were burned and a yellow metal ring was found on his left ring finger. After the crash, and after firefighters extinguished the blaze, Awan's Tesla was transported to a tow yard. Once there, it reignited and burned again
  10. Thanks a lot for your step to step process, The noise is gone after the above process as for above quote from you, how you are irritated by the people who don't want to pay for good service same way people like me are fed up of mechanics who take money but don't solve the problems. Most of the mechanics can't find the exact cause of the problem rather they replace everything which might cause the problem. In above case below are the answers which i have received for mechanics. Mechanic 1 - This is due to AC vent blocked, Cleaning the AC vent pipe Mechanic 2 - Water is clogged in Heater , we need to open the Whole dash board and bleed the water out Mechanic 3 - This is common problem in Pajero's , Cut the heater and make it direct and all of above charge very premium amount for their services. Once bitten twice shy
  11. Thanks bro, till when shall i run engine to remove air ?
  12. Is this applicable to all fines or only to Camera ?
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