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  1. Thanks a lot for your step to step process, The noise is gone after the above process as for above quote from you, how you are irritated by the people who don't want to pay for good service same way people like me are fed up of mechanics who take money but don't solve the problems. Most of the mechanics can't find the exact cause of the problem rather they replace everything which might cause the problem. In above case below are the answers which i have received for mechanics. Mechanic 1 - This is due to AC vent blocked, Cleaning the AC vent pipe Mechanic 2 - Water is clogged in Heater , we need to open the Whole dash board and bleed the water out Mechanic 3 - This is common problem in Pajero's , Cut the heater and make it direct and all of above charge very premium amount for their services. Once bitten twice shy
  2. Thanks bro, till when shall i run engine to remove air ?
  3. Is this applicable to all fines or only to Camera ?
  4. After all the monkey work now i got a new problem, There is Water Moving/ Flushing noise while accelerating and its really annoying. any suggestions or idea before i go to any workshop and get ripped 😞
  5. Change the Vacuum solenoids, It will appear again after 20-50 Kms
  6. Final Update Vibration was due to 1 teeth missing , Last night we opened everything again and found out left side Belt was missed by 1 1/2 timing. It took me 6 Sparks Plug, 2 coil and cleaning of Injectors to find out this cause. in this course my Manifold was damaged due to wrong fitting. Finally the vibrations are gone, but will drive for a week to see if it returns
  7. Mounts are good , grainy vibration while driving
  8. Tried with Multiple Garages some cannot connect and which connects cannot tell anything Changed 2 Coils but still vibrations on Idle , more while stopping in D
  9. After change of Solenoid vibration after 100 Kms is gone and car is quite stable But still it Vibrates on Gear and Reverse, Also hesitates when Fan cuts off Engine is misfiring. The most common sign for Bad Coil, Any suggestion to check if which Coils is gone ?
  10. Its bad solenoid, first i will change it and see if there is any improvement,
  11. yes tensionor was changed and i saw it , How can i be make it sure it Jumped a tooth Car works fine like pick up and driving, No vibration below 100 kms while driving Is there a way i can be sure abt Tooth Jump
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