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  1. I really don't knw wat all will be changed
  2. Hi time has come to change timing belt and water pump for my Pajero, I need some advice or recommendation for workshop which can do it properly. As of now i got rough quote o f AED 3500 (Parts + Labor)
  3. Part one – UAE – to SALALAH Well it all started with disappointment, my wife and kids visa was not granted till Thursday evening so we decided to go directly to border and apply for manual visa, we started at 1:00 AM sharp from SHJ to Hatta Border and we reached there by 2:30 hrs, it took 2 hrs to finish formality at border by the time we entered Oman it was 04:30 – 05:00 hrs. Stage- 1 - Hatta Border to Ibri - 05:30 am – 09:00 am We took below route from Border to Ibri our first stop was at Lulu hyper Market. The view from marked segment is awesome with hills, animal grazing and Wadi’s with few water ponds in between. Stage – 2 – Ibri – Haima 10:00 – 19:00 with 1 hr stop after 250 kms and Petrol Filling Next route from Ibri to Haima is very boring and tiring with only Flat lands till horizon with no view or Town in between, you get small villages in between after 200 – 250 Kms, Fuel stations are available after every 100 – 150 Kms. It is consisted of both two ways and 4 Track High ways, Work in progress to make it 4 Ways highway. Haima is big town will most of the facility and most of travelers stop for final stage preparation. Final Stage - Haima to Salalah – 19:00 – 23:30 Hrs From Haima to Thumrait again its barren land with no life in between, petrol stations are very rare so fill when you see one, No Lights on roads and its two way not very difficult but it makes challenging with Incoming Traffic. You start seeing mountains and greenery once you cross Thumrait things begin to change with green Lush Mountains and misty climate This is Part one of the journey, I’m not updating the things to do in Salalah as most of us know about Salalah. Part 2 to follow soon – Salalah – UAE
  4. thanks a million @Asif Hussain for route suggestion i took your route from Salalah to Ash Shuwaymiyyah its breath taking. Will update in details shortly
  5. Finally with all hassle i have reached Salalah This trip has tested my patience and determination
  6. Terrible disappointment, I got visa but my families visa is till not approved Sent multiple mails to Visa center but no response, any suggestion or help 0025922 GCC Resident Visa Pending 2 1002590 GCC Resident Visa Pending 3 10025928 GCC Resident Visa Pending
  7. Surely rahimbhai I Have option of taking self car or rent car, what shall i do ?
  8. For sure Does any one knw where to find those paints protection spray
  9. Thanks a lot for detailed advice @Gaurav bhai, I will be starting @03:00 Am midnight and planning to drive from from hatta - Ibri - Salalah with break for 30 Mins after every 300 Kms.
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