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  1. First of all Thanks to Carnity Family for extended support and Help Final update Last night i went to Workshop around 20:00 hrs and after final diagnose we came to conclusion its the Fan clutch which has gone bad special thanks to @Gaurav Bhai & @desertdude for highlighting it early. As suggested in this forum and by my Mechanic i decided to go ahead and change the complete cooling system Radiator - couldn't find the Dolphin one so went with other brand called Premium - AED 480 Clutch - AED 680 Radiator Hose , Thermostat , Mitsubishi Coolant 2 x 5 lts - AED 140 Mechanic Fee - AED 200 After the work was complete i was the first time in my life i was looking for neck to neck traffic but couldn't find any 😉 So far all seems good and well, will update in this forum for new update
  2. finally i decide to change as below Radiator Thermostat and fan Clutch
  3. Update Pajero 2008 3.00 225000 Kms Never changed Clutch for fan , Changed Coolant 6 months back , owning it since last 3 years temp got high today driving from SHJ to RAK , basically it is getting hot when ever i m accelerating
  4. When i Switch off Engine engine_kill.mp4 2.mp4 1.mp4
  5. Clutch Check clutch_check.mp4
  6. i Went to buy new radiator but they advised me to check for bad thermostat
  7. Hi to all I was driving in full in Neck to Neck traffic yesterday for almost an hour and i noticed by Temp Gauge is rising , it moved from half to nearly hot Once i was on free road it started to settle back to half gauge , is this normal or i need to do some check ups Pajero 2008 3.00
  8. Yes they can enter musandam only for Dhow Crusing but not Khassab,
  9. that look disgusting, but the question which still linger "is engine flushing oil will ease this sludge" ?
  10. I m not sure if my engine has sludge
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