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  1. thanks Gaurav for the thorough explanation, and I need to know where is the position or location of "hole in passenger footwell that opens in the engine bay (firewall)" I hear loud noise from the floor of the passenger side, or maybe from the top of the rear wheel position under the passenger seat. I will PM you for more detail.
  2. you're right Barry, that option by putting Dynamat all over the place will add vehicle weight and consume a lot of time and cost escpecially the manhour. Last option for me.
  3. yes probably, I am trying to contact Ziebart here in UAE, let's see what they response will be and what it will cost me
  4. I have nissan Armada before, and the soundproof is really good
  5. I bought 2nd hand Pajero 2014 3.5 LWB; compare to my previous car I feel that the soundproofing (acoustic) of this car is not good, when driving car above 80 kph I can hear the noise wind sound on my driving window, also the noise from the bottom of car etc (although i just got the new Tyre). Can anyone help or inform any garage that can help solving this soundproofing issue here in Dubai / Sharjah? Not sure whether I should replace all the windows rubber and add the soundproofing mats to help reduce the noise from outside of the car. Thanks.