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  1. thank you i tried.But i couldn't find any details on the internet.it difficult my friend coz i have swapped the ecm form Nisssan Y3 ECM to A7 ECM. i mentioned wires are the extra wires used with A7 ecm except my old ecm.
  2. thank you I have this wiring diagram and factry service manuals of nissan sentra ,almera,B10..ect. But didn't has A7 ecu for any model a mentioned earlier.
  3. thank you.i tried.But didn't find any details on the internet. thank you. NIssan Sunny GF-FB15 YOM 1999
  4. Dear friends. Any body has pinout details of nissan Fb15 car ecu. ECM is A7(A56-K47 B35). Specially i need to know pinout details of below mentioned ECU pin numbers 26 (white/red ), 27(light blue), 40 (blue/white), 42(black/yellow), 64(green/black), 65(gray/blue).\ thank you.
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