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  1. Bro I kind a understand, I presently drive a x5 so.... And the one I drive 06 model really is damn cheap and really reliable, so that's why a next buy was being consulted with experts like yourself. Have owned American, Germans cars for a while so repairs is not I was worried about it's just on general terms how does parts cost. Coz x5 from 07-09 show more reliability issues ,,, however Porsche do show less from same years was trying to purpotionate what's a better bargain. But appreciate your view
  2. a little drama news, it seems even though Porsche is less visit to garage but each garage visit is more than double cost to repair than a bmw x5 , now thats one of tech guy from garage who repairs .....
  3. done ,Porsche is final when i switch, review coming from person who owned and another specialist tech that is convincing enough.
  4. thanks Gaurav, I had a similar feel as well about Porsche Cayenne. Anyways as u rightly mentioned 10 years old car maintenance is quite normal to come up but then i am looking for durability and that way feel x5 wont stand ahead. I had no mood to even start this search untill i saw bad reviews of X5, there is time before i buy and sell my present x5 so lets see
  5. Hi Guys, I have been reading a few blogs and it seems reliability wise Porsche are better in that 08-09 as compared to bmw x5 of same year. There are lot more mechanical issues mentioned online for BMW's . I have x5 06 and honestly its really reliable as never had any as such issues, can someone give verdict who has used either both the cars or may be one. How are the spare costs and generally maintenance costs for Porsche as compared to BMW x5
  6. agree @Gaurav but i kind of debatable when it cools really well and blows those vapors.. up for thoughts, anyways i guess another 2 months i dont have to think for changing a compressor
  7. Long since i shared any experience, but this one is hilarious. Let me ask you , can there be a possibility where ac tech says that AC compressor is weak but my ac still blows visible vapors when running and cools amazingly. its funny to me coz , i have only seen really good ac machines doing that. fun part on x5, it takes a little while for compressor to gear up and start cooling post turning on,but then cools really well. now is it really ac?, sometimes i get a screeching sound from ac belt or rather the single common belt that runs through various pulleys and the machine if ac is turned on. However, if i turn on ac midway of driving there is no sound. at the end of the day ac cools well..... so .. Any thoughts or experience or such case.. though i am going to change the belt anyways on this service wondering whats making this drama
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