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  1. Mohi1986

    BMW x5 ac surprise

    agree @Gaurav but i kind of debatable when it cools really well and blows those vapors.. up for thoughts, anyways i guess another 2 months i dont have to think for changing a compressor
  2. Long since i shared any experience, but this one is hilarious. Let me ask you , can there be a possibility where ac tech says that AC compressor is weak but my ac still blows visible vapors when running and cools amazingly. its funny to me coz , i have only seen really good ac machines doing that. fun part on x5, it takes a little while for compressor to gear up and start cooling post turning on,but then cools really well. now is it really ac?, sometimes i get a screeching sound from ac belt or rather the single common belt that runs through various pulleys and the machine if ac is turned on. However, if i turn on ac midway of driving there is no sound. at the end of the day ac cools well..... so .. Any thoughts or experience or such case.. though i am going to change the belt anyways on this service wondering whats making this drama
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