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  1. ECU doesn't give any fault codes as per Extreme Performance Garage guys. What fix should I start with to eliminate the engine stalling issue is the question.
  2. I bought this car brand new 10 years ago and is in mint condition inside out. It still drives like new, only issue is occasional engine turning off thing that happens randomly. I want to carry out essential fixes only for now. What should be fixed the ECU or the Gearbox...
  3. Hi, please find additional reports attached hed
  4. Yes, that's right. They're pushing to change the gearbox but Extreme performance garage is saying change ECU as changing gearbox is not going to fix the problem. So I will only change the ECU I think. I don't lose power when driving btw. Car performance is as good as new.
  5. Munich auto is cheering 9k for fixing ECU and they are suggesting that I don’t do it. Extreme performance garage is suggesting I only change ECU. inam not sure what to do...
  6. Thanks guys, the diagnostics report from Munich Motor Works. My first garage still tells me that gwrbox has nothing to do with thr csr shutting down.
  7. Hi guys, my car has a very strange issue. My car shutsdown when at a traffic light or not driving. It then struggles to start but starts. Sometimes even while driving and the car hits low rpm, it shuts down even in motion. I got it checked by extreme performance garage and they told me that all is good but the ECU. I got Munich motor works to check it and they’re saying that the gearbox has intermittent problem and that needs to be changed. I am confused. It’s a 2009 convertible 330i in mint condition inside out. Any suggestions... dhav
  8. Hi guys, I want to get my BMW 330i wrapped in a blue metallic foil. Any suggestions for a company that can do it with good quality and reasonable price. Cheers, D
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