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  1. So after numerous calls to the company and broker they tell me that it is not possible to add offroad cover to my truck. The only cover i have is recovery of broken down vehicle from the desert. They claim that even if they do add "offroad cover", accidents involving for example the truck flipping or dune bashing is not covered by traditional offroad cover. Ill have to get some special entertainment cover. I have no idea what they are on about. Is this true? Can any one suggest what to do? I dont think it is feasible to cancel my insurance and take a new one and go through passing and renewal just to switch to offroad cover. 😑
  2. Update: i just attached the policy terms. Am i reading it right? That its not covered? Thanks for the prompt response @Rahimdad . i got the insurance through Noor Takaful. I have already contacted them awaiting their response. Dont want to miss this drive. Already missed a few since i was out of the country. You guys are really very welcoming!! or are you just pretending to be so you can get me to join the cult?? just kidding.... 😜
  3. Makes sense. Better safe than sorry. Another question which i forgot to ask is do i need comprehensive offroad insurance? I didnt get one at the time of registration as i didnt expect my desire to offroad to grow this quick haha..Since its in almost new condition, dont want to wreck it. Is it possible to only get an offroad cover added to your insurance now? Sorry for the many questions..
  4. 1. I have a 2017 Chevy Silverado crew cab 2. I will be humble and say i dont have much experience on dunes but have the will and the love to learn. 3. Yes it has the tow hooks front and rear. Do I need to remove the air damp which is attached to my trucks bumper or it will clear most dunes easily? I am not aware of the area as i reside in Abu Dhabi. Any advice would help.
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