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  1. Thank You, yes it is the new shape. Regarding Bumpers, we definitely need to save 😁. Also, since it was mentioned as a relaxed drive I am assuming that it will be saved 😜
  2. @Rahimdad Hi, I drive a Nissan Patrol. I don’t have much previous experience off-road except for one drive I went with you guys in March 2019. Yes, there is both front and rear tow hook. Thank You Vimal
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    Hello @Rahimdad, I am an absolute newbie in terms of off-road driving but am interested in joining this drive and learn. I drive a new patrol and have not yet purchased any off-road accessories. What would be the absolute mandatory items I would need to have, to be able to join this drive? Also, is the rear towing hook mandatory to have? Thank You, Vimal
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