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  1. the FJ belongs to a friend which i was just trying out for that day.
  2. congrats @Xaf. all the best and looking forward to more drives with you buddy.
  3. congrats @Ale Vallecchi. Indeed a very well deserved title. Looking forward to more adventures with you buddy.
  4. Clearly you haven’t been to the movies in India
  5. A drive in cinema experience can be wonderful, when the weather is favorable. I remember visiting rex drive in cinemas in mirdif back in the day as a teenager and it was a great experience as people would rarely sit in their cars during the movie. The car park area was grassy so people would usually have a picnic setup right next to their cars whilst watching the movie on the giant screen. This was enjoyable provided the weather was nice and pleasant at least, if not cold. I remember people rarely used to visit during the summers for obvious reasons. But with the recent announcement of drive in cinemas making a come back in the UAE, one would be expected to turn up the air conditioning in the car during the summer months which is right about now. I am not sure how stressful would it be on the car to keep it idle and running for almost 2 hours with air conditioning on. I am sure newer cars can handle it and not have much of an issue but what about older cars that are over 10 years old? I wonder if there would be any negative/side effects of extended idling on such older cars?
  6. Unlike every other drive we have done, this one was quite special as it was an educational drive whereby our skills were honed under the tutelage of @Gaurav Bhai. I really appreciate the time and efforts you have taken to teach us the lessons we needed to learn for the ultimate skill that every off-roader could develop - leading. Leading can seem nerve racking at first to say the least but once you understand the dynamics behind it, it is the ultimate adrenaline booster, yet you also need to be responsible and keep a keen eye on the convoy behind. Once again thank you for the amazing opportunity @Gaurav Bhai and looking forward to more educational drives like this.
  7. thank you so much for your kind words richard. It's so refreshing to meet you and @Jeepie every week that if you guys arent there, its just not the same. I thoroughly enjoy our banter and not to mention our chats about off road techniques and technicalities. By the way happy birthday. P.s: my jack is still bigger than yours
  8. thank you @Srikumar. very kind of you to have this level of trust in me. thank you so much @Frederic for your kind words
  9. Well what can i say bhai, words cannot describe the amount of knowledge and wisdom i got from you. You and all the marshals continue to inspire us all. I will always strive to follow your foot steps bhai. Love you loads
  10. thanks @sertac thank you @Emmanuel haha yea..thanks thanks dude thank you
  11. Wow, i am lost for words at this revelation. It is an understatement to say that i am truly overwhelmed at this achievement. Carnity for me has been a second family. Its not the sand bug, the desert, nor the thrill i get whilst off-roading, but its the wonderful folks that make up this kind, welcoming and friendly community that i feel more and more connected to week after week. I will always strive to be a good mentor and eventually a marshal so that I can encourage and support the new comers. No promotion speech can be concluded without giving my due respect and shout outs to the leaders, the mentors, the teachers of our club aka our amazing marshals who have gone out of their way to patiently impart their knowledge, wisdom, and support me in this journey of mine. @Gaurav bhai - I will call myself lucky if i can ever be half the off-roader and leader that you are. I admire your calm demeanor when sh*t goes side ways and this has inspired me to follow suit. Even though i have come a long way through the ranks in this club, I still feel i have more to learn and i know that you will keep supporting me. @Rahimdad bhai - Can you ever have a combination of a great mentor, a friend and a confidant within one person? Thats @Rahimdad bhai for you. I dont even know where to start bhai, but you truly are a legend in every sense and i sincerely look forward to meeting you and driving with you every week. Your people skills are remarkable and I truly seek inspiration from you on that front among many other attributes. Thank you for believing in me and guiding my throughout my time with carnity and i look forward to many more fun filled drives with you bhai @Srikumar - I remember the times when you have been very patient with me whilst you would take your time to properly explain the basic offrading concepts to me. If i am being referred to as the pop out king today a lot of that has to do with your guidance. And i really admire the way how you handle and manage big convoys. I would like to take this opportunity to also say that I am in awe of your leading skills during higher level drives. Mad respect bro. @Frederic - Beside the fact that you are an amazing mentor and a fantastic off-roader, your most outstanding characteristic is your undying sunny disposition. You've got to tell me how you do it. You are a personification of one of my favorite quotes and that is - "wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine" @Emmanuel and last but not least, my fellow X-men. Thank you for the patience, the lessons and the guidance you have given me. I have learnt a lot about complicated recovery techniques from you. Its amazing to watch you analyze a stuck situation and how you compute every possible outcome and eventually come out with a workable solution. Once again, thank you for everything and look forward to learning more from you.
  12. i have experimented with the whole onboard compressors for a year and i have quite a bit to share on this. I initially went for a camel chinese compressor and got it wired into the battery through the side panels. The setup was great until i shot the compressor once as i overworked it. After that, I replaced the compressor two more times and i gave up since i wasnt able to identify the reason why the compressors were dyingin this setup. I then went for the bushranger super max (which is not as fast as the camel chinese but way more reliable as it comes with 5 years warranty)and i have been happy ever since. But i now realize that the main culprit was the wire. The most critical element in this setup are the wires as they should deliver the required amperage to your compressor. If the power delivered is not sufficient, your compressor will work but not for long. So bottom line is that you could go for the camel chinese compressors but you will need to ensure that you get the right wires for the setup. My bushranger requires less amps than the camels, so the current wires do a great job, but if i swap it back to camel, then it will eventually die. However having said all of this, even though i have not personally used the arb twin pistons, i know that it is the best setup and there is a garage that is running a promotion right now whereby they are providing the unit and installation for 1999.
  13. due to some personal reasons, i will be cancelling participation for this drive and ill join the newbie drive instead
  14. congrats @Jamy B.. good to have an addition to the x-men team besides myself and @Emmanuel. Your offroad version is more powerful than our X's since you have the higher 3.54 gear ratios and also with the diff lock, you can get out more easily from stuck situations as well.
  15. congratulations @Jeepie. I clearly remember a few months ago when we were driving in maliha and when i saw you tackling a rather tricky dune climb, and i was like - "Man she knows how to drive", because i was expecting a refusal at that point. You truly deserve this promotion and it is great to have you and @Wrangeld in our club. Congrats once again.
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