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  1. Ok for now I’ve uploaded it to YouTube with the existing audio so let me see if stays or not. Here’s the link:
  2. Problem with uploading to YouTube is it might get taken down due to copyright issues on the audio track. I have faced this issue before as well.
  3. Last nights drive video 64E11218-9829-4626-9FA6-39CC7E50AB5E.mp4
  4. I personally haven't used this but a friend of mine has this on his jeep cherokee(hes not very pleased with it) and i have been part of discussions about the actual use of this contraption. Basically what this device offers is something that can be achieved by giving the right gas at the right time. so bottom line is that it is not a must have for offloading as such and the eco mode is something whereby the practical results have not matched the claims of the manufacturer in terms of the percentage reduction in gas mileage.
  5. i didnt even know about this tech until i saw it now. how cool is this!!!
  6. @Rahimdadbhai - thanks for the write up...i didnt feel like i missed much as i could just visualize the rest of the trip through the report . My car was fine that night as i was able to drive back home but 2 days later the check engine light did show up again after which, i took it to a garage and they realized the throttle body was a bit messy. They cleaned it up and now the car is back to working condition.
  7. @Gauravbhai...sure thing ill inform the new guy.
  8. @Rahimdadbhai, theres an absolute newbie fried of mine who would like to join us for this drive. He too drives an xterra. Would you recommend he join?
  9. You are probably right as I don’t know the difference between side sloping or side cresting. Difficult to explain with words so I’ll show you guys when we meet this weekend.
  10. What a night! it was a fun filled adventurous drive indeed. @Frederic yes thanks for pointing out that i need to be vocal when i am lost. Why i went mum, was because I realized that @Roshan Abraham was stuck on the other side anyways and since i had a fair idea of where he was located, and since the convoy would stop to recover him, i thought i could try and get out of that sticky spot by myself. Else, if the convoy was moving on, i would have definitely radio'ed in seeking assistance Besides that, I loved the side cresting exercises as it gave me a good chance to work on those skills. Tackling soft sand is still a tough one for me as i am still trying to figure out at what point and how much gas i need to apply. And on this night, i made my second ever attempt at climbing iftar bowl and yet again i failed. But when @Rahimdad bhai attempted the same with my car and he wasn't able to make it straight up (he eventually did with an alternate route) i was a bit relieved 😜 Definitely looking forward to more drives and to eventually climb off-road ranks (and dunes effortlessly) with this awesome group.
  11. Hi @Gauravbhai, just a small doubt - since you mentioned we will be starting from dubai and exiting in sharjah but the meeting point is the adnoc station in maleha road which is technically sharjah right?
  12. hi @Gauravbhai and @Rahimdadbhai, @Roshan Abraham is a friend of mine and he would like to join us for the upcoming drive. kindly advise eligibility as he is an experienced driver and i do believe he will be able to keep up with the pace but need you both to approve.
  13. i am not sure if i qualify for this pace or not. @Rahimdadbhai and @Gaurav bhai, since you both know my level, do advise if i am suitable for this drive
  14. Although these points are usually taken fro granted, it is ncie that we have it all charted out in a format like this so that we can always refer in the future also incase we forget. Thanks @Gaurav
  15. Another exciting and fun drive. I must say, this being my 3rd night drive, I am slowly beginning to get a hang of driving in the night as I found it a bit challenging at first. I would like to take this opportunity to say that us newbies/fewbies are surely learning a lot under the tutelage of the marshals - @Gauravbhai, @Rahimdadbhai, @Srikumar and @Emmanuel - Thanks for your support and patience. It is truly and highly appreciated.
  16. Oh yea. Xterra all the way. I have been driving SUVs for about 15 years and I have tried quite a few brands and models. There’s something about the way how an X just handles and you should take a test drive to see what I am talking about. Glad to chime in and help.
  17. i would call upon the seniors to ask about what kind of shoes would be required. @Gaurav bhai, @Rahimdadbhai, @Emmanuel?
  18. I received an interesting video the other day and I realized it would be a good idea to share the same to enlighten our off-road community about the importance of wearing shoes during our off-road drives. In the video, you can see a desert rattlesnake making its way into a gas station and bear in mind that this is a venomous breed. An unsuspecting fuel attendant then, accidentally steps over the reptile after which, it attacks the man on his foot and since he's wearing shoes, he's out of harms way. It made me realize that this scenario could happen to us whereby we may come across a snake or another aggressive desert creature. They could attack us in a similar fashion and if we happen to be barefoot or wearing slippers, flip flops or anything that keeps our feet exposed, we could be running the risk of being on the receiving end of a nasty sting/bite. So in conclusion, I'd say - its better to be safe than sorry and protect ourselves by wearing shoes. WhatsApp_Video_2019-06-02_at_11_49.15_AM.mp4
  19. It was yet another amazing drive indeed. I think one of the most exciting parts of the drive was when we were heading for Suhoor, we tackled some dunes with a little bit of speed and that part was a lot of fun. When we finally stopped by Faya to freely play about and climb that massive dune, i realized that I still have a long way to go before i can become half as good as our marshals - @Rahimdadbhai and @Emmanuel Looking forward to more exciting drives
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