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  1. @Wrangeld & @Jeepie thank you Angels for a great workout drive, Enjoyed verymuch and was a good experience. We drove more ridges today than any other Fewbie drives i have driven. Well managed everyone! See you soon in Sand!
  2. @Frederic Thank you for a wonderful drive. It was fun & challenging as well for a newbie convoy everyone drove really well. Each drive i am personally learning something new and gaining more confidence on sand. @Rizwan Waheed @sri ganesh @Anvar Sadath Bekal the pajero gang drove well! IMG_8121.mov Great Team Spirit from everyone throughout the drive and it was very enjoyable experience. @frederic demolder @Jon M very well managed with the Discovery Sport & Montero Sport. @Nathan Evans you were driving the Jimny very chilled and it was too good to watch the grey beast in sand. @Sajit Modiyil Very well driven and great progression buddy! @Mohammed Razeen @Prabuddha Madusanka @Lukas Lewis @Jack Thomas you guys were flawless! Thank you and see you soon!!
  3. How many days can we stay in Abu Dhabi without doing a mandatory PCR test later?
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