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  1. I remove the drive request - After today's fewbie drive there is some awkwad sound coming from the car - need to fix it first before next drive in the desert.
  2. @Vanessa8580 @Gaurav Hi Vanessa and Gaurav, I have 8 fewbie drives till June 2022 and will do 1 more drive coming Saturday. Will this be sufficient to participate in LIWA crossing fewbie drive? I’m very much interested to join and don’t want to miss this time again. Just confused with the first condition.
  3. @JeromeFJ Hi, I mistakenly added my self into. Manage. Please remove my name. Thanks
  4. Thanks @Hisham Masaad . It was fun and challenging drive - Fast & furious Desert drive version. Really enjoyed it. 😉
  5. @Shaaz Sha Hi Shaaz, I'm in waiting list. Please add me to drive, if possible. Thanks
  6. @Islam Soliman Thanks Islam. I’m ready to join the drive. Please add me.
  7. @Kailas I'm in waitlist - Please add me to drive, if possible. Thanks
  8. @Islam SolimanHi Islam, I'm in waitlist. Please add me to drive, if possible. Thanks
  9. @Gaurav Hi, could you please help here - I’m not sure profile is reflecting the correct status? Could you please update @Janarthan
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