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  1. Unfortunate indeed. Well, that's an option, one that requires plenty of time. Thanks though, please post back if you hear of a reasonably good option even if they're in Dubai. Thanks for the honest advise. I'll see if these can be sorted much cheaper than 10-15k, else will seek alternatives.
  2. Thanks D, do you know a mechanic who knows their stuff where I can take the car to. Considering how common Hyundais are, it is surprising how few mechanics specialise in these vehicles.
  3. Bought it 2 years ago. I'd checked the service history and the car had been regularly serviced at Juma Al Majid until it was sold to me. One of the reasons why I don't intend to return to JAM is their complete neglect of wear and tear inspection. They're one of those agencies which follow the 'Oil change, clean filters, wash, repeat' formula.
  4. Thanks Frederic. The AC issue wasn't resolved when I topped up the gas last service. The mechanic did mention that the compressor is not maintaining the proper psi pressure which indicates the need for a replacement. Thanks for your inputs on the other issues. Well, I'm not looking for the holy grail of "car repair" 🙄 so far. Even if you could refer a good service center for the mechanical issues, I can take care of the body shop repairs at a different place. The inability of most mechanics to sort out the mechanical issues properly is irritating. I don't want to be taking the car repeatedly to the shop because the mechanic is guessing their way around things. So let me know a trusted mechanic please. Thanks, Fayad
  5. Hey S, thanks for pointing it out. My mistake, I meant to write 2013, I've corrected it now. The car has 140,000 km on it now.
  6. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a good mechanic or service center who can solve a number of issues with my 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe. I live in Abu Dhabi so something in Mussafah would be good, Dubai is okay too as long as the issues can be fixed properly. Not a fan of Juma Al Majid for a number of reasons their long wait times and ridiculous customer service being the main reasons. A quick list of the main issues that need to be addressed: AC compressor has become weak, needs replacement Recently replaced shock absorbers (<10,000 km), car rides lower than normal ever since, feels bouncy on mildly uneven roads and bit unstable around corners. Humming sound when going around roundabouts, braking, slowing down and during gradual acceleration. I suspect wheel alignment. Car jerks when putting the car into D or R from Park. Feels like the clutch is not properly engaged. Initial acceleration feels sluggish for the past 10,000 km. Sunroof motor requires replacement. Noisy door closing sounds of both front doors. Both rear door hinges need replacement. Some small electrical issues, requires some fuse replacements. Thanks in advance for all your suggestions. Cheers, Fayad
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