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  1. Thanks to @Gaurav for another very enjoyable drive with some great views. Very much appreciated my position in the convoy today behind @Islam Soliman I was able to match the path, speed and momentum easily and found myself understanding my Pajero even more today. Today I learned to use less gas than previous weeks and as a result definitely felt the handling to be a lot more stable and am getting more confident. Looking forward to trying the play areas in another drive or two. Some other learnings: Trying to find a secluded dune for a bio break will result in you walking at least 4 times farther than anticipated and bringing half the desert back in your shoes. Sometimes there can be miscommunications about lefts and rights, if in doubt come to a complete stop and clarify. I need extra hands to operate the car, walkie-talkie, camera and hydrate simultaneously. Having a copilot to take pics, chuckle in relief as @Kieran McKeown and the Duster reverses off a vertical dune and remarkably remains intact and help with deflation, pre drive, is 100 times better than going it alone. MeanMother air compressor worked a treat! Remote control inflation is the future!
  2. If you haven't bought it next week, remind me the next drive if we are on the same one and you can have a proper look at it @Christian Andras
  3. @Christian Andras I would have let you have a try of mine! I'm afraid I wasn't feeling very well today so I didn't really hang about too long after. I wasn't sure who was on our drive from this thread.
  4. So @Christian Andras I cheated and took the Pajero to Adnoc after the drive. But after misreading my gauge on deflation this morning got a chance to reinflate using the MeanMother. I'm a happy customer so far! Would have been happier had I remembered the battery for the remote today 😅. Are you thinking of buying one?
  5. @Christian Andras give Carnity a mention and see if we can start getting referral discounts 😉
  6. @Frederic Uh-oh! 🙈 Unionbusters alert! 👀🤭🤭
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