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  1. My first drive back after a year. Had a great day out, really lovely bunch of ppl on this drive. Looking forward to meeting you all again. Thanks @Brette for giving me the confidence of being in safe hands after my first drive back nerves!
  2. @Gaurav can't believe I forgot to tag you in this - thank you for the information. It's overwhelming the options and quotes I'm getting it's making coming to a decision very difficult. The three shops that are narrowed down are using 8mm plates but the note you mentioned about the holes was something I hadn't considered. The pic above is the only shop I've seen offering this kind of bumper guard with the bash plate but then one of the other shops I visited was redoing work, from the shop this plate was from, stating the lack of a reinforced frame and the bolts as being the reason it hadn't fu
  3. @Srikumar @Frederic @Wrangeld @Shiju Manuel do you have an opinion on the bashplate design below? Shopping around with other club members we have noticed most designs finish under the front bumper line whereas this one comes up over the front of the grill? Would this potentially negatively impact the nose in the likely (in my case) event of nosediving off a dune onto it?
  4. @Jeepie please remove me from the drive 😭😭😭😭 and add @Miguel Ibarbia. I won't have the work done on my Pajero before Friday and after last weekend can't risk leaving parts of my Pajero in the desert! Doubly disappointed being the first week I have missed a drive and my first drive with @Jeepie leading! 😔 Have a fun, safe drive, everyone.
  5. @Dagdag Sofiane I just got the following quote. +971544977052 if you want more details. Pajero plates Front bashplate 997.5 Fixing rear skidplate 157.5 Bumper trim 100 Total 1,255 +vat 1,317.75
  6. Me too. Going to go round a few places after work, myself.
  7. Let me know if you are successful! @Dagdag Sofiane I wonder if we bring them double the business they will give us a discount 🤔
  8. @Dagdag Sofiane I just got a quote of 1700AED (all incl) for 8mm bash plate with frame reinforcement, rear skid plate and flag fixing. Most places are asking 200AED to trim the bumper but I figure if I do it myself and bring it in for the other mods they'll fix anything I've taped from the bumper trim.
  9. No worries @Yousef Alimadadi just trying to get the cheapest quote before I take the car in somewhere for a day. I've been quoted the same by a shop already so I'll keep shopping around 🙃
  10. Thanks @Yousef Alimadadi! Where did you get this work done and how much did it cost you?
  11. @Srikumar and @Frederic that's really clear, thanks for the advice. I think I'll trim it myself as when I hard lock the steering to reverse into my parking spot I can feel it rubbing on my tire. Will try to get the bash plates upgraded before the next drive sees me leaving parts of the engine in the desert behind me!
  12. Thanks for the detailed response @Srikumar, I'll take your advice and hold off on the lift. I appreciate the clarification on the bumper being a separate issue to the bash plate! Makes sense to get them both done at the same time if I'm making the trip to a workshop!
  13. The last couple of drives have had me nosediving hard off a couple of short dunes and the underside of my bumper is getting close to kissing the front right tire. I saw both @Yousef Alimadadi and @Mels Wolf post about getting mods done for their Pajeros. Seems to be 1000AED or thereabouts is the ballpark range. Looking for shop recommendations to do the work. Also how do we feel about the benefits of getting a suspension lift and what kind of prices, shop recommendations do you have?
  14. I agree with you that for certain items the quality is the highest priority but when it comes to plastic bins for storage, I'm happy to go for the cheaper options available, considering the use and function. Also when you shop around you will find the exact same items stocked in ACE are stocked elsewhere for a fraction of the price. I'm a woman - love shopping around for a good deal Added to that - living in RAK, having something delivered is a helluva lot more convenient than an hour's drive to physically pick up the same item.
  15. Honestly I hate giving my money to ACE cos they are so over-priced for everything!
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