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  1. Thank you @Srikumar and @Vanessa8580 for a memorable day. Again really enjoyed the drive and looking forward to the next.
  2. This long weekend stuff is confusing... At least there time to get back in bed for a few more hours. See tomorrow 👍🏻
  3. OMG, I'm standing here at the pin wondering where everyone is, and whether I'm maybe lost. Not realising that today is the 31st and the drive is only tomorrow 😂😂😂 See you guys then...
  4. @Gaurav & others involved. Really awesome experience again today. Thoroughly enjoyed it and looking forward to many more! Thanks a lot!
  5. Hi Guarav, Just joined/subscribed (Hope it was succesful...) Anyway, keen to join Friday morning trip. Vehicle Details: Jeep Wrangler 2017 Experience: Some desert driving (usually just trying more and more challenging stuff until getting myself stuck I guess) need to learn from pro's. More experience with mountain/rocky terrain offroading. I confirm my vehicle has 8-10 inches ground clearance along with front and rear tow hooks. Looking forward to meeting/joining/driving... Hennie Schoeman
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