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  1. Hi Gaurav, I am unfortunately still in South Africa & will be available first week of Feb.
  2. @Frederic thanks, but my situation changed. I will be taking my 12 year old son along. I have therefore decided to remain in the newbie drive. Please allocate the position to another willing member and remove my name from the Fewbie RSVP.
  3. Hi Frederic, I would like to join the Fewbie drive in Liwa. I only signed up for newbie to secure a spot & RSVP’d on Fewbie. So let me know if a space becomes available so I can leave the newbie drive.
  4. @Frederic please add me to the rsvp, if a space becomes available in Fewbie level?
  5. I am happy that we are now able to have arranged a drive in Abu Dhabi. Now I do not have to wake up at Crack of dawn to get ready.
  6. @Gaurav There are road closures from Abu Dhabi, to Al Quadra. An alternate route will surely cause me to arrive late. So it seems I have to turnaround & will be sitting this one out.
  7. Hi Gaurav Xterra - off Road, 2015 model prior off roading- yes, but never desert driving Vehicle has 8-10 inch clearance, with front tow hook and rear tow hitch.
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