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  1. Frederic, Thanks. The cooling systems has been fixed. Recently I also replaced the fuel pump. Car has been extensively checked. I believe everything is good now. The proof of the pudding remains in the eating. I am indeed a bit nervous, although I checked all. I will check again the 4LO and watching the video now. Erwin
  2. Hi Frederic, Thanks for the message. This is my first time coming to the dessert. Previous time my car showed cooling issues and Covid-19 stopped any next training. I drive a Hummer H2 with a super charger. It's a beast, but it's not new anymore. Tow points are perfect. I will bring some new bought equipment, including a flag, second hand walkie talkie, ARB compressor, Deflator and shovel. I will also bring a friend who will be my passenger, but is eager to join with his own car in the future if this works out. Do we get a briefing before we start driving? Thanks, Erwin van Helden +971 56 99 80582 PS Where to find the video?
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