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  1. Dear Shaaz, I want to drop out as a precaution as I have been in proximity to two of my office colleagues who have tested positive. Gone for the tests myself waiting on results. Do not want to be a spreader just in case. Safe drive everyone. Keep distance as this is very spready spready ...
  2. Hisham...sorry I cannot make it ..and apologies for informing after the convoy list is drawn. My daughter departs in evening to India and I underestimated our time together so will have to give her company. Have a good and safe drive ...
  3. Hi @Kailasvehicle still making that noise after a 6 hour stay in Trading ent workshop. Excuse pls as I do not want to aggravate to major drive train issues.
  4. Dear M.Seidam, excusing myself out of the drive as my vehicle makes a squeaky noise when engaged in 4wd and when given Gas. Jeepers identified the need to change the spring but I hv not had enough time to sort it out. Let me get that sorted and look forward to joining next drives.
  5. Hi Guys, I am a little late to post this...Thanks @Asif Hussain for the great start. You were selfless in your approach submitting your vehicle for the sacrifice at the start, hope now car is okay, nothing major. May be out trip went off smoothly accomplishing great heights and drops clocking a lot of kms at a decent pace. Thanks @Shaaz Shafor the taking over, great drive it was - just out of the world stuff... @Looperas always my reliable partner to check how his wrangler is performing vs mine w.r.t temperature but I found he now has some extras 1) refrigerator useful for the evenings 2
  6. Hi @Ale VallecchiI experimentally clicked on something and got into "manage" box - sorry for that - pls delete me from there...am waitlisted for 2nd drive with you...TOP OF THE WAITLIST
  7. Hi, pls add me in wait list here. I have a drive conf for Friday and would like to take part in this too. Thanks.
  8. My Wrangler JK is still in Trading Ent. Believe me, @Lorenzo Candelpergherand Area 53 will be a cracker .... What altitude you are planning to log this time....last time we went upto 1,500 m I recall.....Pls post videos
  9. thanks @Zed that is not an impossible cause too...waiting for the Trading guys to give me a feedback...
  10. Hi @Wrangeld Thanks, looking at some youtube videos to relate to the points, 4) cylinder head gasket seem likely cause. There is definitely some seepage of coolant into the cylinders in some combination of situations. Reg. codes, None captured. JK computer system has limited self assessment capability. I will hint it to the Trading Ent folks. Thanks for sharing the thoughts here....much appreciated...Good luck for the match shortly. Hi @Ranjan Das Ha ha, I am not alone... I just need these guys to get to the bottom of it and sort it out...paying a visit sometime tomorrow for a joint te
  11. Thanks @Niki...will highlight that white smoke issue
  12. Happy B'day @Ale Vallecchi Have a Great year ahead....May the best of health be blessed on you in the coming years...
  13. Body, Last week on Friday in @Wrangeld's Intermediate drive, I had car stalling issues towards the end. The computer cut the engine cut power off. I could restart, move 200 meters and then again cut off repeatedly. The vehicle was vibrating a bit. I had to be towed out the last 500 meters. A couple of months back, same happened in a drive with @Lorenzo Candelperghertowards the end. In both occasions, the incidence happened when mercury touched about 37 /38 deg C. But the car coolant temperature was well within the mid point not exceeding 110 deg C. For some part of the drive, I also had the ca
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