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  1. What a smasher of a drive ... @Srikumaryou made it feel so easy for us, helped us to build some more finesse in handling the approaches with speed! I wanted to sleep after that before heading to Swehan drive but could not as there was a lot of adrenalin, dopamine etc etc mixed in in the blood! It is a drive to remember.
  2. Pls add me to Waitlist, thanks! I am not on any other drive this weekend. Missed to register in time. But I will have my COVID test done on Wednesday after drive with Ale and be ready just in case it opens up....
  3. @Foxtrot Oscar Thanks for the great drive...I did not escape the refusals, had a couple of mini ones having to stop at awkward positions and in churned up sands while navigating the bowls in the first dune...it is still learning in progress to where to stop when the convoy stops ahead. Allow me to say that your persistence and determination by making approaches from many different routes to get us all across that last but one dune was amazing. This was my first drive with you, lots of learning to achieve the finesse of handling challenges and look forward to more...Yalla Yalla!! @Alexand
  4. @Chaitanya Dit was a brutal first 45 minutes in those small dunes going technical. We were falling like dominos, desert is a great leveller as u said. Later part on the long dunes, multiple and continuous crisscrossing, some ridge driving were just what the Doctor ordered ..WE WANT MORE....WE WANT MORE ... Was finding catching up with u and @Pacificinitially difficult. @Rob [email protected] Kashif RAZZAQthanks for the little lesson on modesty about how to accept praise @Lawrence_Chehimigood to see u again. @Thomas VargheseAwesome to drive with u again. Apart from the resourceful rope, cutting playe
  5. TERRIFIC [email protected] Shamaa, @Francois Germishuys, @Ilya, @Christian Andras, @Craig Finlayson, @Jorge Stepniak Felippe, @Kalahari, @Shaaz Sha @Tero Vallas
  6. Hi @Islam SolimanGreat stuff...Congratulations. Lead the way for the rest of us. Look forward to joining your drives again
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