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  1. Hello @Gaurav Soniboss, I hv to pull out man. There is heavy weather evening ahead for me with some friends arriving unexpectedly. Will not make it. Safe drive everyone.
  2. Hi @KailasI am dropping out. Sorry. Have a early morning flight to Saudi tomorrow. Will not wake up in time I fear. Enjoy the drive everyone.
  3. Hello Rizwan, sorry I have to drop out. I have a dinner company party tonight that will not make me fit for early morning ! Have a nice safe drive with everyone.
  4. @GauravSoniPls check the starting point for us. Gautham just pointed out it is Akoya as of now and I also saw same.
  5. Good fun today @GauravSoni as the Lead ... Lots of good advice, action, Soft sands .... Well accomplished a satisfying drive....
  6. Ah! Many bold folks signed up for Intermediate drive with Gaurav!!! Enjoy...I wanted to go to new place, so I chose Ghantoot FB+ with Kailas...this I will miss but hope to catch up with GB in one of his intense lead experience in future.... @Ranjan Das @Ashok chaturvedi @Daniel Yang Enjoy!!!!
  7. Hi Shaaz, Great drive. I missed the last part but had enough dose of super driving by the time I had left...Here is the video of us scaling up the first sand dune within 100 meters from the point of deflation! Fantastic start and adrenalin boost and it set the tone for the rest of the drives. I think all dunes in the area had our tyre prints from the sides to the top...thanks for the entertainment and Lead.
  8. Dear @Shaaz ShaGokul here. Pulling out of drive. My daughter has to rush back to Chennai as her college reopens on 1st Feb. So, I have to skip the drive in prep. Was enjoyable last week and will make up coming week. Have a safe drive everyone. Sand has got a bit softer now so have fun.
  9. Dear Shaaz, I want to drop out as a precaution as I have been in proximity to two of my office colleagues who have tested positive. Gone for the tests myself waiting on results. Do not want to be a spreader just in case. Safe drive everyone. Keep distance as this is very spready spready ...
  10. Hisham...sorry I cannot make it ..and apologies for informing after the convoy list is drawn. My daughter departs in evening to India and I underestimated our time together so will have to give her company. Have a good and safe drive ...
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