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  1. @Fredericpls excuse me for signing out of the exciting drive ... Am reeling from cold and severe cough. Will not be able to focus properly .. best wishes everyone.
  2. Hello guys, I am camping the night before...thanks to GS to have camouflaged the starting time at 7:00 a.m. as ready to go instead of meeting time. Who else is camping please record your telephone number in the reply and I am going to make a group for us to plan a wonderful evening.
  3. Hello GS - where would the last filling station be? can u drop pin if you know or if you reach ahead for drive and fuel up planning...tks
  4. Hello @Looper @Kailasme doubtful. Need some extra rest for my leg to recover pls. Pls count me out of a y planning for now. Good luck and enjoy u all the rest of the team. Safe trip everyone.
  5. thanks @Looperand Team...Happy to added to the convoy. So, next question: How many camping there prev night? I am!
  6. Absolutely man!!! Not accepted, aaaahhh.... Ha Ha Ha and Yes Yes Yes I am coming to camp there anyway!
  7. Oh......Should I exit from Pink Floyd event to move up the WL? No! Guru @Gaurav, Sonic is music trip, social evening and this Nahel is Dopamine and Adrenalin trip... I could not get my spot for Nahel drive coz I allegedly signed up for the Sonic drive! Hoping I will move up the WL if someone exits, but do not want Sonic drive come otw... pls jettison them if ok, Thank you.
  8. Hey @Looper I had an anomaly if I am right - when i clicked 'going' at sharp 7 pm, I got message that I am signed up to another midweek drive also! Not that I am aware of. I am at WL 2. Can you pls help me release from where ever I am signed up which i am afraid would stop me from going up the list if someone drops...tks
  9. https://www.amazon.ae/dp/B06XHQ4N6T?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details My attire for the evening... MN
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