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  1. @Frederic 12.5 is amazing!! I get around 16 17 on my LWB 3.8 as well! Maybe cos I drive +20 speed limit 90% of the time on highways and use unichip in dunes! How’s your car fuel consumption look like @Adhir Saxena @Wrangeld @Anish S
  2. Hi @Lorenzo Candelpergher thanks for posting this drive! Is this a fewbie drive or intermediate…??? drive details indicate intermediate!
  3. The inherent reason why we all drive in the desert is to enjoy ourselves some time off from our sometimes mundane and sometime Exciting work Life… everybody has their own reason. Out there among the dunes, it’s not a competition of who can climb higher or faster or fly off the dunes. It’s a way for us to relax and enjoy the sport in a safe manner. just like no finger on our hand is same, no car or driver is expected to be same however we keep Developing our skills to drive at same level with our fellow drivers. Even the best drivers and cars have bad days… we get in and get out as
  4. Hi @Lorenzo Candelpergher due to some technical Issues with car I have removed myself from the drive! I was so looking forward for Reloaded action packed drive. Hope you guys have safe fun filled roller coaster ride! Missing it already😭
  5. I do not recall any specific sound like that…however it may have lost between Clickety clacks while Shifting gears in drive and reverse
  6. Yes… I was using only 1 foot to either gas up or brake… maybe that’s why my diff is still Ok. Just curious on the PMDL.. wouldn’t applying brakes stop all wheels from rotating?
  7. I am Not sure if I get your method @Gaurav do you mean to give gas at 2k rpm and release brakes in bursts? I was revving up and then braking to rock The car. I guess that was too much for the ujoint!
  8. Very well articulated trip report! yes you are right @Srikumar it’s the Ujoint which gave away due to the stress… I guess this was coming nevertheless… glad now it is replaced. thanks @Mario Cornejo @Thomas Varghese for tuggging me out on to a flat surface! And superb leadership @Srikumar for managing two different situations and finding an easy way out while still having fun throughout! 🤟🏻 @Abu Muhammad hope your passengers were ok on the Tarmac! Driving on 2WD for such long time on the dunes wouldn’t have been so confidently executed if not for @Wrangeld’s 2500 rpm drive!! We shou
  9. Congrats @Zixuan Huang - Charlie welcome to the next level!!!
  10. Congrats @Aisha S! Meeting you as a fellow passenger with @Arman and now a fewbie off-roader is amazing! Well done!
  11. @Danish Mohammad well done and welcome to the big league!!!
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