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  1. @Rahimdad thanks for the consideration. I appreciate it. However, I won’t be able to join this drive! I am sure the guys will have a lot of fun while learning from you! Hope to drive with you soon!
  2. @Rahimdad just need some clarification. I am so looking forward to experience you lead on the fewbie drive. However I see that some members are confirmed to drive tomorrow including confirm RSVP for second drive. @Nihal17 is still on the waitlist for 1st drive. @Ranjan Das We do have the famous iftar bow drive tomorrow!!!
  3. The CAT is refitted , without the substrate acting like a straight pipe! Not much change in exhaust sound unless I floor the pedal on traffic signal. @Gaurav thanks for the suggestion. Will try to get the Magnaflow CAT especially after knowing the recipe of the sweet music on your car exhaust! Love that sound!!!!
  4. @Frederic I went over cross tracks at relatively high speed ( on 1st @ 6k) to gain momentum to get out of the bowl hitting the underbelly. The noise started immediately. On inspecting CAT at workshop after removal, the substrate was found cracked and broken in pieces. M not sure if a fuel rich exhaust (due to unichip retune) would degrade the material for it to be brittle. The attached pic is after they hammered it, but it was mostly in big broken block inside to begin with. IMG_7913.MOV
  5. @Frederic thanks for the info. I am now driving with an “open” CAT as part is unavailable. I do get a single gunshot sound when change from 1st to 2nd at 6k RPM. I hope it doesn’t start a 🐪 race on my next drive!
  6. IMG_7912.MOV I had an issue in my last drive (sweihan) with lead @Asif Hussainwhere my car started withloud exhaust leak noise along with loosing power as it wouldn’t go beyond 5k rpm. Turns out that the catalytic convertor had broken substrate which created back pressure on engine forcing it to cut power ( smart engine!) On researching, I found info on how straight pipe exhausts allow for more engine power while 1. Introducing backfire noise ( gunshot sound) 2. more pollution https://mechanicbase.com/cars/straight-pipe-exhaust/ As an alternative ,its is also suggested to go for high flow cat from a reputable brand. any insights into this Mod. @Frederic @Gaurav @Vanessa8580 FYI , I drive the 2014 3.8 LWB PAJERO with 160k on the run.
  7. @Rahimdad I withdrew myself from this drive for the fewbie plus drive on Saturday. Could you please add me to the waitlist. Don’t want to sign up on dual drives as of today!
  8. It seems that the driver left the gas pedal while there was still sideways momentum as the car was fishtailing. That brought the car to halt with momentum still very much in place. @Ale Vallecchi would keeping the gas and turning left helped him to avoid this?
  9. Congratulations marshal @Brette driving with you in south Qudra for my first fewbie drive was simply amazing. Your cool and composed drive plan is an absolute delight to follow. Looking forward for many more drives with you lead!
  10. @Asif Hussain... I just signed up for the drive. Wasn’t sure until last hour if I would be able to join. Could you please add me to the list. I would appreciate if you would allow me to join.
  11. @Frederic I got this mod switch for enabling traction with R/D locked. Waiting to test in dunes. Will update all on the impact!
  12. Thanks! This is interesting! I have been doing some study on the Toyota crawl mode and this nifty mod may turn out to be close. The driver has to take the role of the pressing on the pedal just enough ! will see where I can find these sweet switches in 🇦🇪? Any ideas? @Frederic
  13. How does this work with model with rear diff lock!? Will it even work? @Frederic
  14. Congrats @Ahab Shamaa!!! well done . Your attitude is infectious!! have a great new year with many more adventures!
  15. Congratulations! @Paul Zeitoun welcome to the next level! have a great new year!
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