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  1. The one and only Drum roll.... @Looper!!!
  2. Hi @JeromeFJ! It was great to be part of your 1st full lead drive (which was my first 2nd lead btw). I'm anxious to repeat it soon. @Rob S @Chaitanya D and @Looper, it was a privilege to be part of this senior group and always a pleasure to drive along side you guys. This convoy was great, some refusals and stucks, difficult technical terrain for the LWB folks. I got crested myself, and with the help I had I felt like the king of the hill 🤣. Well done everyone! I could see a lot of you learning new tricks today, and making them second nature to you. The sideys at the end were great! It was the gran finale. I will be off the sand for a while due to some long business trips. Drive safe and have fun! Cheers!
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