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  1. Thank you Richard! Enjoying driving with you and realizing how much wisdon counts on difficult terrains. It's clear you plan the trips with an objective in mind and prioritizes safety and integrity of the cars over taking unecessary risks. I trully value this trait of yours, cheers!
  2. Dear @M.Seidam, any chance to get me on this drive? My afternoon alternative was canceled... 😭
  3. I trully have great appretiation for @Wrangeld, @Jeepie, @Pacific and @Niki, and of course my fellow convoy mates @Waqas Parvezand @AlexM I do not remeber a day that I drove that much since my college times And what a great statement for what @Carnityis, such a variety of terrains, leadership styles and skill levels makes any new drive a trully unique learning experience, always with with a new trick or challenge to make the drivers more skilled or confortable with these new situations. Fear of heights? Go to Liwa then problem solved 🤣 A say from friends who are into saili
  4. Hi folks, I will have to skip camping as well, but will be there for the drive. See you tomorrow. Cheers!
  5. Hey @Hisham Masaad, this is well deserved and I look forward for more drives under your leadership. Well done! Cheers!
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