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  1. @Chaitanya DThe confidence and control that we have today are due to the excellent marshalls who have always led and guided us,Thank you for taking us to yellow truck it was a amazing drive everyone drove beautifully, especially with the backing of @varunmehndirattaand @M.Seidam, whose presence gave me a lot of confidence,we had a excellent support team thanks to @Vaibhav @ASAD. @Karthik Raptor The nights before the drive, it was great to reconnect with a lot of old friends,i absolutely loved the unity among everyone also when we needed assistance, the full convoy of fewbieplus came to help This was a clear demonstration of the phrase "We never leave our guys behind. @Asif Hussain @JeromeFJ thanks for your help @Gok Krishhope you're vehicle is repaired and see you soon in desert Rest of the convoy drove smoothly @Bjoern@Pascal @Jaro Tuzinsky @Patrick van der Loo @Richard Franks @Senthil Kumar it was great catching up with you guyz,see on the sand soon.
  2. Happy birthday @Frederic lets celebrated in liwa🙂
  3. Congratulations @DP1011 , Deepak wrangleron the promotion,well deserved
  4. @ASAD. congratulaion and welcome to the team,well deserved promotion
  5. Congratulations @Fabien Monleau on the promotion you have always been a helping hand.
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