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  1. Thank so much @JeromeFJ, be part of Liwa Adventure and Super excited, then see you tomorrow.
  2. Doc @M.Seidam, i miss your a great drive this time, my car can't be finished from garage today. Will see you next time on sand
  3. Hi @Ale Vallecchi, Totally understood and have safe journey. Definitely, Can't wait your return to have another a great day on Sand
  4. Hi @Frederic, I am unable to join due to have an issue on water pump, I will miss a fun drive tomorrow 😌 See you next time on sand and have a great adventures
  5. @varunmehndiratta, if you look for less noisy on road as mentioned by @Vaibhav and also a good on sand is right one Geolandar ( Mine is 285 x70x17 LT), ensure LT one due to side wall is quite thicker than P.
  6. Congratulations @Amr Aydin Well deserved and enjoy the new level adventure
  7. Thanks so much @Gaurav, @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler, @Morshedi, @Imteeaz, @Islam Soliman, @Waqas Parvez, @Sunil Mathew, @Vaibhav, @Ranjan Das and @varunmehndiratta See you on the sand soon
  8. Congratulations @Karthik Raptorwell deserved new IM level, definitely Raptor Monster amazing
  9. Congratulations @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler, definitely well deserved & have another away to fun exploring in New Level
  10. I would prefer on this option :like” for sticking to 5:00am as originally planned Normal the foggy is only on high way ( Road to Sheiwhan) and on sand clear. I am totally agree at 8:00 as mentioned @Islam Solimanwill be sweating and feel boiled 😁 Well at least we will have a cozy morning time with Coffee and Tea.
  11. @Srikumar, I have returned to site, I will drop out from the drive, have a great time in Sweihan
  12. Happy Birthday @Srikumar
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