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  1. all points noted @Gauravthank you. change of gear is felt mostly from 1st to 2nd; I do not remember when was the gear oil changed. All periodic service were done in Al tayer.
  2. Hi@Gauravthanks for your response; as you have mentioned I try to educate myself through contents available online and use manual as reference point. Its time for the oil service and I have a few concerns when doing it outside the dealer 1) Is it fine to use different motor oil brands when doing the service outside of the dealer? 2) I can feel a slight vibration(increasing as time goes) when the gear is on drive and the car is still 3)Throttle response is not great, i can really feel the change of gears Best, Thomas
  3. Hi, Could someone recommend a reliable garage in al qusais for periodic maintenance? I drive an escape 2014. Thanks, Thomas
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