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  1. Hi All, Can you please suggest any other portals etc where FJs could be available besides Dubizzle and Carswitch? I’ve been glued to Dubizzle but nothing genuine has been available for the longest time. Ofcourse there are several available in the Ras Al Khor garages but there are high chances of odometer tampering on those.
  2. Thanks everyone for the great advice. While Prado, Y61, and even Xterra are great options, but for me they don't give a very offroad vehicle vibe/feel when I'm inside and feel like regular saloons, and that's why I never started my search with these cars. I was contemplating between FJC or Wrangler, but having spoken to my garage guy he recommends against Wrangler because of frequent and expensive maintenance issues that I will get with Jeep. Please let me know what you guys think about this as well? Another question can a rear diff lock be added as a mod in FJC and if so how much would
  3. Thanks Frederic for your advice. I haven't looked at Prado yet, as I already have a Lexus GX 460 which is a great onroad, and I believe offroad as well but wanna keep it for onroad mainly. I'll look into the Prado as well but in terms of offroad capability does it match FJ's capability levels?
  4. Dear expert FJ Cruiser Offroaders, Highly appreciate your advice on the following: 1. I am planning to buy an Offroader which can also serve me well for on-road commute to office etc. So I decided on FJ Cruiser but would really love to hear from the experts on the choice and how it is if I would like to use it for offroading and progress from newbie to eventually higher levels and as well as using it onroad for daily commutes? 2. The 2012 models with mileage varying from 80k-180k are selling for almost 68k-65k. I believe this is a bit overpriced but please let me know your thoug
  5. Dear @Gaurav and @Frederic am at newbie level and have done 2 drives in my Lexus GX 460, last one with Gaurav, but now planning to buy an off-roader only for this purpose. There are a few 2007 and 2008 FJ Cruisers available on Dubizzle for around AED 35,000 which mileage of about 200,000 kms. Can you please share your opinion on such old FJ Cruisers and suitability for long term offroading? Thanks a lot.
  6. Sure @Kailas I’ve withdrawn my RSVP. Also can you please suggest a place to get a flag and get it mounted?
  7. Hello I don’t have a flag but do have compressor and radio. I just RSVPd. Can I join the drive?
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