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  1. Hello @Hisham Masaad unfortunately my rig is not ready yet due to AC repairs. I need to opt out. After 20 days of quarantine, I miss it a lot. It's been a while huh🤒 Enjoy team!
  2. Hi @Tbone, apologies I need to opt out as my kids has doctor's appointment. Hopefully to get this 2nd lead opportunity again next time with you. Enjoy Gentlemen!
  3. Thanks @Shaaz Sha for another amazing drive lead. Fantastic track with mix of various challenges and fun, most specially the bowl plays. Lots of fun there! I must commend the support you have showed with 2 pop outs. We’ve had a brilliant support from @Looper! Very well prepared and takes every opportunity to help. Thanks as well to @Tom B for looking after the rest of pac. I must say everyone did a very good drive, well disciplined in the convoy. Nice to meet all of you! Until next time!
  4. Doc I removed my name in the WL, I was accepted in Shaaz drive. thanks as always. Enjoy!
  5. Doc @Chaitanya Dthis is really unexpected, I have to opt out of the drive.
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