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  1. @Looper fantastic videos! Now I live outside of the UAE (no more desert driving 😞) these videos mean even more to me, and capture the essence of those mornings/afternoons/evenings/nights in the sand 👍
  2. I'm (reluctantly, due to relocation) selling my 2011 LWB Pajero, and would really love for it to go to someone who appreciates within our community 👍 A fantastic and able vehicle, first owner since new - and regularly maintained at the agency. All records, receipts and documents available. Currently has 162 000 on the clock. Fitted with front & rear MACHINEHEAD skid plates, Yokohama AT's all around including spare tyre. Asking for AED 26000. Best way to get in contact is on Whatsapp - Greg @ 0507345801
  3. @Ale Vallecchi need to pullout unfortunately due to work commitments/changes. Will remove myself... Enjoy the drive everyone!
  4. @Varun Mehndiratta will have to remove myself due to family commitments unfortunately. This hopefully makes space for someone on the waitlist. Enjoy the drive !
  5. Unfortunately 😔have to pullout due to some commitments - was really looking forward to this one (with many familiar faces!) after 6 weeks without driving in the sand.... next time. Enjoy gentlemen...
  6. Thanks @Gerrit Bus for sharing the videos - nice to relive the drive, and view the movement from another perspective!
  7. @Rizwanm2a great drive yesterday morning.... thanks to @Haitham Khattab, @Senthil Kumar and @Gaurav Soni (who as @Tareq Al Turqsaid, transformed from ghost to angel 🤣) for keeping all in check, and dealing with whatever the desert threw at us. Nice varied terrain and great scenery. Well done to the new Fewbie plusses too - great job Good rest of the weekend everyone! @Tareck I faced the same issue - google maps took me close to Damac hills instead of Al Faqa - so strange 😳
  8. Congrats @Amr Aydin great to see! Always cool and collected on our drives together... well done 👍
  9. A thousand congratulations doc! Well well done and so good to see👍 Always enjoy driving with you and admire your passion, patience and dedication... alfa mabroek 👍
  10. Congratulations @Hisham Masaad so well deserved! Yalla push 👍
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