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  1. Trip Report : One picture says it all!! We looked for this once we planned and signed up on this drive to see as below @Vaibhav flawless 2nd lead! Love to see your insta videos with Waqas and Asad. @Jaro Tuzinsky some niggles here and there but you came out flying in a Pajero. Driver matters and not the car. @Bjoern buddy neighbor - super driving along with your copliot. Amazing fun . @Pascal No doubt you are up for your new promotion to FB plus, flawless. @ASAD. along with @Waqas Parvez, @Karthik Raptor gelling the convoy to perfection and supporting - helping with their advise and experience. @varunmehndiratta - with new red ride the Rubicon, listening to your advises once I was away down the slip phases - was such a calming reassurance that everything was under control. @Patrick van der Loo with the TJ - again no issues - experienced too for a second try.😛 @Richard Franks another Ruby Rubicon along with @Senthil Kumar- hardly heard on the radio. Last but not the least @M.Seidam - sweeping everyone to perfection. The longish convoy never kept us apart - even on the radio😜 Friends - Fantastic to have your company on the drive itself along with the camping previous night (not on this drive )- with @Gok Krish, @James Thorn, @Haitham Khattab , @Tareq Al Turq, @Simon D , @Mario Cornejo @Rob S Amazing to let everyone know how all the convoys this year got to yellow truck at all levels !! Look forward soon to see you all again doing what we do - camp and drive 🙂
  2. @Vaibhav my dear 2nd lead, amazing to see how you along with @Waqas Parvez, @ASAD. are taking desert driving to next level along with the legends - past and present , in this club . Seeing you all doing the amazing side slopes on massive slip phases to the top of the crests reminded me of them . Absolutely loved watching you guys and again "Alf Salam and Shukran " for your suppoort @Jaro Tuzinsky my dear friend, loved your camaraderie. I/We will have more trips planned soon- keep a watch
  3. @Patrick van der Loo after our last adventure in 2021 - where we could not get to Yellow truck, I thankfully appreciate you to trust me this time around to take you there. Feels great we did it !! We did and we did in good time - setting aside the niggles we had. Fantastic to see how you area enjoying your TJ Habibi @M.Seidam I think we drove close to 700 Km plus together on road on off road as you mentioned. Your presence made the whole trip so enjoyable along with your little one . Alf Shukran
  4. Thank you all for shoveling me out 😊, just go a bit too ambitious as across this dune was out exit. Pic speaks a lot as it was absolutely ok in presence of @ASAD. , @Vaibhav. @M.Seidamand @varunmehndiratta along with @Waqas Parvez @Bjoern., Hate to say it but my car was limping here , could not get out as my belts were locked and I could not self recover .
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