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  1. @Tboneapologies I missed the drive list and position confirmation last night and hence missed the drive. Was not sure if I was going to get in as I was third on the WL.
  2. Hi @Chaitanya D i am planning to bring my wife and my 3 year old son, among for this drive. My son will be well strapped in a baby chair appropriately as always. Also I will be carrying all his supplies along with ours. Hope it’s should meet the needs and kids are allowed on this drive. He has already been on a BBQ drive and had enjoyed. Just let me know if any concerns.
  3. Thanks a lot everyone....absolutely eager to start the next stage
  4. The drive started at a very slow pace, of course being a newbie drive the marshals wanted to test the convoy and the capabilities before kicking it up a notch.... @Gauravthanks for the second leg of the track after the crescent lake. the first side sloping dune right after was a good step up.....after which came the bowl.....unfortunately cars after @Gertjan could not attempt as we had quite a few stucks already and we had to be rerouted. nicely ended with the technical dunes which I must say were really intimidating as they were so closely packed....at times I remember cars has to be really close to keep up with the tracks. Thanks to @JeromeFJas a center forward and @Looperfor sweeping at the back. cant wait to skill up and start the next leg with Fewbie drives.
  5. Absolutely amazing drive this one was, thanks to @Wrangeld, @Jeepieand hell of a truck from @Alex Raptor, super impressed with your ride. Also appreciated the constant motivation from all the experts to keep pushing everyone on the ascents and technical guidance to pull oneself out on refusals. Super impressed with the track as well, I believe we must have driven almost 30/35 km. Also repeating my radio feedback " experienced the best drive so far".
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