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  1. Thank you @Asif Hussain bhai for such a wonderful experience. First time driving under your lead and in Bu Tais. You let us play in the big bowls under your watchful eyes. The convoy responded extremely well with just one stuck and a pop out. Hope to cross path with you soon in the desert.
  2. @Asif Hussainbhai first drive with you. Looking forward to it. L @Bjoern no camping for me.
  3. @Zedthanks a lot. This information definitely helps me and others. The was sand in Throttle control and valve body. The Valve body needs to be replaced under warranty but the dealer does not have it in stock and will take 25 days to procure it from US. They have done the transmission fluid flush. Well every car has its day. We know what happened in Umm zamool drive of Sri.
  4. Congratulations @Simon D. Amazing and well deserved. Keep up the dedication .
  5. Wow @DP1011 proud of you. Something which I could not achieve you did it. Amazing. Keep up the good work and dedication.
  6. It was great to see @GauravSoniafter ages . Thanks for understanding and helping me exit. I am sure I missed a great drive. I could feel the 1 hour 20 mins I drove it would be going to an amazing drive. The convoy was strong and responded well. @Zedif you would have not come with a trick you suggested I would be struggling to get the car back to Dubai. Thanks a lot man. Looking at the picture @Gertjanhas posted I know I have missed a lot of action. Great clicks. I think I took the right decision of exiting the drive to avoid any further delays and mess up the drive for others which would have happen. There is always a next time. I managed to drive normally back straight to the dealership and they were not too helpful and informed me if the error comes back get the car back. Just as I reached home the Transmission service indication showed up again with the Engine oil check light. I had to arrange a tow vehicle. Latest update throttle control there could be some sand and possibility of entering transmission. The sad part here is the service advisors at the dealership are not very knowledgeable which makes it worse. The first thing i was informed because I went offroad this error could have come without even looking at the car. Though under warranty and service package they are unable to confirm if it would be covered and reason is sand entering. It sounds really funny but this is the truth. I was given example also by the service advisor if the car goes in water the warranty will not be covered. Where I informed the advisor that I understand it is a car and not a boat. @Mario Cornejo VTC SWB 😍. Inshallah may be next one . Until my car is back and I join you guys ,Have fun and drive safe.
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