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  1. Hi @Looper apologies I think I removed my self yesterday when I was checking if the drive order had been posted, is it ok to re join?
  2. Apologies @Looper I have to remove myself as I now have family arriving on Sunday morning 😩 have a great drive, hope the sand has dried out 👍
  3. Body lift spacers as you have a ladder frame chassis,
  4. For the Gen 2 it’s a body lift or suspension lift, body lift is relatively easy and kits pretty cheap. Suspension I think you have already done so a body lift would give you a little more space under the car but I don’t think it would change your clearance angles much at all.
  5. Thanks for another great drive @Looper short convoy so the pace was nice and fast and great group to drive with 👍 bonus nice fresh sand all to our selves 👌 will have to look into my overheating on the big dune, the joys of learning about a new car
  6. Apologies @JeromeFJ family member has had a trip to hospital so I will need to remove myself, was looking forward to those high dunes 😔 maybe next time. Enjoy the drive
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