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Desert Champions Trophy - 2021 - Winning Team

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  1. @M.Seidam Thnk you for putting together this amazing deive yesterday. the technical parts were more than welcomed, and as fewbie this is what we will look towards in the next drives. my first pop-out - thnk you @marks for your help in getting this sorted out. looking forward to the next fewbie drive cheers
  2. Hi @Janarthancan you please add my name to the list of attendees now? thanks
  3. Hi @M.Seidam noted mate. I am now on the wait list for the 2nd drive. thanks
  4. Thank you all for making my Saturday afternoon with this amazing drive.
  5. Hi Gaurav. I would prefer the morning drive - can i be on the waiting list? If i do not get a morning spot, then I will join the afternoon drive. hope that this is ok. thnks
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