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  1. @Srikumar I am dropping this drive, Just realized its my Wifes Birthday on Friday. I hope to join next time.
  2. @Tharun Kumar V congratulations, enjoy the new level.
  3. @Albarqawi85 congratulations, Enjoy the new level.
  4. True, but finally done. But now time to break in. I am missing the desert Oooo nooo
  5. @JeromeFJ unfortunately I will have to drop out, my engine was rebuilt last week my mechanic advised me yesterday to run the car for 1000K and do oil change before taking it to the desert. I will miss this drive and the convey, hope i will join next time. Bro, i am out LOL cause, i need to do engine break inn
  6. @Islam Soliman sorry i have to withdraw from the drive, got unexpected family plans tonight. Hope to drive with you soon.
  7. @heyns holtzhausen congratulations mate. Enjoy the new level.
  8. Sure, they suspected head gasket and the valves. The diagnosis took a week to be sure...
  9. @Imteeaz true, but the issue was very weird, guess what the coolant overflows when the car cools down lol😆
  10. @Srikumar I have to unfortunately withdraw from this drive, which has been happening for past few weeks😔 with other drives as well because of my head gasket issue which is taking time to fix, was expecting the car to be ready today. I will miss this epic drive and the convoy.
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