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  1. MulΘ›umesc @Alexanderrr, hopefully we will have another Sweihan adventure (but without the fog )πŸ˜ƒ
  2. @Tareq Al TurqThank you my friend ...πŸ™ looking forward to see you conquer the dunes πŸ’ͺ Thank you @ASAD. πŸ™
  3. @Haitham Khattab well done , and enjoy the new level of excitement 😁
  4. Thank you @munkybizness, looking forward to see you soon
  5. Thanks @Rob S i think we should get a special alumni logo πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚. looking forward to drive with you soon
  6. Thanks @Hisham Masaad... i think it would be Yalla shovel for some time πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚
  7. Thanks @Tom B , its always nice driving with you my friend 😁 ( any winch yet??πŸ˜‚) Thanks @Haitham Khattab Thanks @Karthik Raptor πŸ™ Thanks @Davie Chase
  8. Thanks Dr. I am concidering to get a bulldozer for a better efficiency πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚ Thanks @Vaibhav
  9. Thanks @GauravSoni for the thrilling adventure you have took us through, after warming up our engines and selfs we stoped for a few minutes to enjoye the sun rise, before we roared our engines all the way to badayer . As we had to cut it a bit short due to some unfortunate incidents of closed fences and a few refusals and a broken lower arm bush of @Yusuf Esafcar. But other than that everyone drive amazingly well. Thanks@Haitham Khattab @Sam K @Ignacio QuindΓ³s @Tareq Al Turq @Simon Dawood @Yusuf Esaf @Gerrit Bus @Salim Akhtar @salah2 for the fun company. I just have a few points to remind you of ( including myself ) and i hope everyone accept them with a welcoming heart. even the best of us sometimes needs to be reminded sometimes. 1. Following Radio communication protocols is extremely important . a. If you have a refusal or stuck situation immidiatly after ensuring your car have stopped and you are safe, announce your situation , name , position number.( preferably 2 times) . b. When you hear on the radio that soneone is having a stuck or a refusal, please stop immediately (safely)as you never know where did the car with the situation have stopped. 2. When someone is trying to recover himself or the marshal and or cf is moving please hold position and dont move unless you have been asked to, some really bad accidents might happen . Thanks again and looking forward to see you all again in the sand soon . @Yusuf Esaf i hope your car is fixed and ready for the next adventure πŸ˜‰
  10. @Benjamin well done on your recovery. the halfdesert is a very popular on the weekeds. Personally i venture sometimes there when i am not in the mood to drive a really long time to get into the sand as its really close-by. Just a few advices out of my experiance to take into consideration before you help anyone next time to avoid getting yourself in some serious problems ( could even be legal at some point). 1. Never help a car with no license plate on. 2. Never help a car that have signs of damage or accident. 3. Never get into someone's else car to try to drive it out( i am refering to people you just met ) 4. ALWAYS use your recovery gears ONLY even if they do propose to use theirs. 5. Remember that recovering random stuck people in the desert is not the same as recovering your friends at carnity ( many of them might not have a safe recovery point, that is if they even have one ). 6. Follow your instinct if you feel uncomfortable ( for any reason )just bailout. 7. Tell them that some damage might occure to their vehicle due to the recovery and ask for their verbal consent to proceed( thier are some really rude people out there). 8. Always consider your safety and the people around you on the 1st place Cheers and see you on the sand
  11. Well done @premindra rajaram, enjoy your new level my friend..πŸ’ͺ
  12. I was not part of this drive , but Reading this my heart skipped a beat and i could imagine what would ot feel. We all know its an extreme sport and things can go out of control in some situations. But always knowing that you have leader like @M.Seidamand @Hisham Masaad and other @Carnity Marshals whom always follow strict safety procedures makes us feel assured. But i was not surprised to reading that everyone jumped and did whatever they could do to help because at this level we created this bond amond the members of carnity and it always feels we are driving with family and friends ... I am sad to hear about the incident, and i am sorry about @Mohamad Anwer car and i hope he is well. I think this proves that at @Carnity" we leave no one behind "
  13. @Mehmet Volga as we discussed the other day, i am using the stock shock absorber ( i was told that they can handle the abuse) they are doing well till now, i have a 2" lift kit ( springs only ) with AOR 1.35 inch spacers for handling compensating for the center of gravity . As i am having 18inch rims i had to increase my tire size to 265/65 R18 to minimize the pop outs which and as a biproduct entertained me with an additional 1inch 😁, so in total i have 3" lift what have improved by the above: 1. stiffer and more controllable ride, even when i fly over speed bumps the car doesn't act like a wild horse , my kids love it ( not that i encourage anyone to try that πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚). 2. can go at higher speeds than before on the dunes without smashing my skid plate and my entire under vehicle , but not too fast as after a few jumps it will feels like a trampoline ( i think some people even witnessed me literary flying over some dunes πŸ˜…, here comes handy the professional shock absorbers ) for the past year i am hitting the dunes with this combination. what i would have done differently is replacing my rims current rims with zero or -ve offset rims as the spacers will always put additional stress on the wheel bearings . and i would highly recommend you to do so if you are about to change your tires. P.S never go for used spacers as they are not safe!! looking forward to see you soon in the sand πŸ’ͺ
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