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  1. @Mehmet Volga as we discussed the other day, i am using the stock shock absorber ( i was told that they can handle the abuse) they are doing well till now, i have a 2" lift kit ( springs only ) with AOR 1.35 inch spacers for handling compensating for the center of gravity . As i am having 18inch rims i had to increase my tire size to 265/65 R18 to minimize the pop outs which and as a biproduct entertained me with an additional 1inch 😁, so in total i have 3" lift what have improved by the above: 1. stiffer and more controllable ride, even when i fly over speed bumps the car doesn't act like a wild horse , my kids love it ( not that i encourage anyone to try that 😅😂). 2. can go at higher speeds than before on the dunes without smashing my skid plate and my entire under vehicle , but not too fast as after a few jumps it will feels like a trampoline ( i think some people even witnessed me literary flying over some dunes 😅, here comes handy the professional shock absorbers ) for the past year i am hitting the dunes with this combination. what i would have done differently is replacing my rims current rims with zero or -ve offset rims as the spacers will always put additional stress on the wheel bearings . and i would highly recommend you to do so if you are about to change your tires. P.S never go for used spacers as they are not safe!! looking forward to see you soon in the sand 💪
  2. @GauravSoni, i am not experiencing any vibration at the moment , but i did when my engine and gearbox mount needed to be replaced
  3. it was the shortest warm-up ever ( i would say 5 tire rotations 😅) before @Hisham Masaad unleashed the Power of his Fj against the soft big dues of shuwieb, where everyone tired to keep up with his pace . The unfortunate event with @Ranjan Das Jeep changed the plan into finding the safest and nearest exit which was amazingly planned by @Hisham Masaad and @Islam Soliman and executed by the mighty @Karthik Raptor Bro amazing driving, it not the V8 that made it possible but its the great driver behind the wheel ( Hats Off ).💪 Shuwieb is really unexpected, as @Hisham Masaad and @Islam Soliman went to find a safe exit , i got myself pulled into a very soft and relatively small pocket but them saved by the rope of our wonderful Support @Waqas Parvez ( thanks Man for the Tug) . The friendship bond that you can feel between the convoy member was very interesting to witness on that day . usually we don't get the chance as much to sit, chat, and discuss different topics. but you could tell that everyone was worried about @Ranjan Das car and hoping to get it out to the safezone in one piece. @Imteeaz flowless SL @Sunil Mathew @MMansoor , @ASAD., @Mohamad Anwer @Vaibhav always great to see you guys, i am sure we will conquer shuwieb next time 💪. @Ranjan Das i hope your car issue is fixed , looking to see you soon .
  4. @Nathan L well done and congratulations on the new level .... looking forward to meet you again in the sand .
  5. @Sunil Mathew loosing concentration while booking @Hisham Masaadintermediate drives is like loosing concentration while ridge riding highest sweihan dunes at 100 kmph .... very dangerous is would say 😂
  6. Dr. @M.Seidam congratulations 🎊 for the promotion, well deserved !! Looking forward driving with you again soon ....
  7. @Srikumar i am in boss. My heart rate jumped up through the roof when i have seen that you have added me to the drive ...lool
  8. @Tom B that was such an amazing intense drive.... I am wondering how is it gonna be at intermediate level this time 😅.
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