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  1. Thanks everyone who joined the drive yesterday, it really made me happy to see everyone full of energy and desire to learn and explore. The drive was a mix between long flat drives , some crisscrossing , ridge ridding and of course side sloping. We had also to go through some technical and bushy areas from time to time. But you all did great. Thank @Looper and @Anish S for all your help and support you have provided me . And ofcourse @Joseph Raju for taking care of the stucks and the refusals Looking forward to see you all again soon,
  2. Dear Desert Drivers @frederic demolder, @essam ibrahim @Senthil Kumar @Sreenath G @Feras_Sh @Gautam Banka @Pacific @Tareq Al Turq @Ashutosh Garg @Joseph Raju I hope you are ready to start you long weekend with this drive. Thank you for signing up for the drive today. Meeting time is 02:00 Pm The meeting point is https://maps.app.goo.gl/ovfidM4TJrb8eqdGA The convoy order will be We will use Carnity Radio Channel 5.
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