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  1. Happy Birthday @FredericMany happy returns of the day .
  2. congratulations @ASAD.well done my friend. ✌️👏
  3. Hi @GauravSoni, unfortunately I can't join this drive as I have family commitments on Friday morning, so I will drop myself and I am sure that I will miss a great drive with you and the rest of the members, maybe next time inshallah.
  4. Thank you @M.Seidamfor the great drive, especially with a great leader, you were our mentor and taught us how to act with critical refusals and V pockets, we all enjoyed the drive yesterday even though I didn't realize that we passed the time by 30 min until you announce that. Especial thanks to our great support team @Simon D , @Waqas Parvez and @Karthik Raptorfor their support and guidance, and happy to meet @ASAD.and @Senthil Kumar again after long time. Have a nice weekend all of you, and appreciate @M.Seidam if possible to arrange a weekly ride like this every Thursday.
  5. Sorry to missed the convoy today morning @Mehmet Volga i woke up 30 min late. I Wont be able to reach on time.. 😢 I will make sure to put 4 mobilephones with alarms next time to make sure i will wake up and reach on time. 🙏 I am quite happy that you enjoyed this morning 😊
  6. Hi @Ale Vallecchi I apologize for coming to the drive today, it is so difficult for many commitments at work. enjoy the drive. ✌️
  7. Good morning @Frederic. Sorry to miss this drive today. And left it without any comment. as i wish to enjoy you today but urgent business mission came from nowhere. Enjoy the drive and i will follow up with the pictures. Enjoy @Simon Dawoodand congratulations for the promotion.
  8. Congratulations 🎊 by best friend @Simon Dawood for the promotion. You deserve it and hope to see you marshal soon. 🎊🎊🎊🎊
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