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  1. Hi @Chaitanya D I just noticed this and had already signed up for another early morning drive so will tag out this time. But definitely want to try this drive next time. Thanks.
  2. Thanks bro! @ASAD. will see you soon inshallah 😎
  3. Thanks @Gaurav @Frederic @Russ Excited for the next level drives 🤠 @Ahmad Shaker Thanks bro! 😎
  4. @Islam Soliman ouch! I thought I would be next in line on waiting since I opted out of Sunday drive. 🥲 Any chance to add an extra? Thanks 😁
  5. Hi @Islam Soliman I had opted out of the other drive as I wish to be in this drive tomorrow. Can you let me know the chances for tomorrow? Thanks.
  6. @Gaurav Just renewed the membership to drive with you this weekend. Went down to grab water, and the list is full in 7 mins. Ouch! 🤐 On waiting now... Hopefully can make it! 😁
  7. Good afternoon @Frederic Alright, thanks! Will go for that one then 😎
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