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  1. @ASAD. my congratulations and i am looking forward driving together!
  2. @Mike M. congratulations!!!! Happy to drive with you soon again!
  3. @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler congratulations and I looking forward having a drive together!
  4. @Patrick van der Loo congratulations to your next step, no doubts you deserve it and i am looking forward already the next drive:)
  5. Hej Ashutosh, yes it is my plan:), but probably only around 8pm. I will drive with the fewbie group but the starting point is the same for both groups. There will be a few more people, I guess from both groups.
  6. Hej @Frederic i do apologise but my flue is back so i need to withdraw, even my 2 radios and drone are fully recharged:( i was waiting to the last minute to take a decision.. have a great fun! jaro
  7. Wow, what city did you live in? A ako sa mas?:)) It will be a memorable trip. May you share with me the camping spot? I will be there only around 8pm. Thanks
  8. I used to do it in my home cold country:)) even temperature was close to zero:)) but i was 20 years younger:))
  9. He all, @Frederic so sad. I need to withdraw. Returning from cold Sweden the last night and I got cold.. have a great fun and enjoy this great event!
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