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  1. @Vanessa8580 so sorry, I am suffering from high fever and a bad cough. It is costing me a lot of energy to come out of bed. I have blackout. I was really looking forward to the trip. Got my car triple checked. But then better I do it next time. Please post pictures!
  2. Mayank, I have no idea how you get away with such smart remarks, you must have 9 lives like a cat, oh no you are in the monkey business 😎. But on another note can we assume all Nissan’s are thirsty? And @Srikumarcan I take a subscription! @Frederic I am taking 100 liter along, I don’t think I need so much especially after @munkybiznessremarks but I am more then willing to share my petrol as the day comes along. Excited about Liwa!
  3. @Frederic is it good advice to fill the jerry can at the last stop before we start or is it better to do a day before in Dubai? 😀
  4. @Fredericthank you for your post. It is my first time taking a jerry can. Can give some tips on how to fasten it in the trunk. Is bungee rope good enough to secure it. Thanks
  5. The best drive till date for me!!! Why? The speed we were moving and the scenic views.....never been to Faqa before but it was amazing! I still have get used to night driving such different experience. A special thanks to @Fredericfor making this ride happen and your half desert stories, truly amazing. And to our SUPER HEROES @munkybiznessand @Simon Dawood for helping everyone out. You guys made such huge difference! I admire your patience and dedication, kudos!
  6. Hi @Bishoy Ibrahim, we all started all like this. Every drive I would get stuck at least twice and I could see Marshall’s face how did you got stuck like this 😂😂😂. And practice makes perfect. I have grown so much. I am sure you will do better in the next drive.
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