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  1. Hi Ahmed, Always a pleasure to meet you aswell my brother. I brought the car to the garage, luckily everything is fine. I am getting some things double checked. Hope to see you soon!
  2. Thank you @Ahmad Nerat, see you soon! Thanks Varun! See you soon!
  3. Dank je wel @Frederic! Thanks Simin, really appreciate your wishes! See you soon! See you soon @Sunil Mathew! Hi @Gary F, thanks see you in the sand! Thank you so much @Benjamin!
  4. @GauravSoni@LooperThis fewbie drive is an important one for me, as I see it as a test. I have been struggling with self confidence which reflected in my driving and my personal life. We all have such up and downs in our lives, I got my car, tyres and suspension checked by my garage. Since then my self confidence and driving improved. My flag pole fell off numerous times and got a new one fixed in the last weeks. I want to use this opportunity if I am ready for fewbie plus. I am hoping for a fabulous #GauravSoni drive where I know you will be pushing us!!! See you on Saturday morning!
  5. @FredericSuper excited for the drive and meet your Silver Nissan!!!!! I wonder if it is a short wheel base and a manual???
  6. @Vanessa8580 so sorry, I am suffering from high fever and a bad cough. It is costing me a lot of energy to come out of bed. I have blackout. I was really looking forward to the trip. Got my car triple checked. But then better I do it next time. Please post pictures!
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