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  1. Dear Jerome, Thank you for organising such an exhilarating & safe drive on Saturday. While crossing the 'blue Jeep' bowl brought back fond memories of my old blue Jeep Wrangler. I'm also grateful for giving me the opportunity to sweep the convoy. It was an interesting experience. Looking forward to our next drive. Thank you to all the fellow drivers for the support. Thank you for capturing and sharing the exciting moments.
  2. Thank you, Deepak, for accepting the WL and I look forward to the drive. See you on Saturday.
  3. Hi Goutham, Indeed, it was an amazing drive, never experienced before, with perfect weather and challenging terrains conquered. Big thanks to @Looper for the lead, and @Ranjan Das and @Fabien Monleau for the support, and a special thanks to @Emanuel for capturing the exciting moments on video. Thank you for all other friends, for their company and support!
  4. Hi Marek, It's great to hear about your intense first F+ drive experience, It was very well briefed and appreciated.
  5. Hi @JeromeFJ, A special thanks to you for leading and presenting an exciting, safe and memorable drive. Thanks to @Rk ram for the second lead and @Ranjan Das for the support. @Emanuel, Thank you for creating the video; very nicely done. Much appreciated your efforts during the drive. Looking forward to our next drive!
  6. H Gaurav, Thank you for organising yet another remarkable drive. The rain shower added a refreshing twist to our drive, making it even more exhilarating. Big Thanks to @Ale Vallecchi, @Imran Asghar and, and @Imteeazfor their steadfast support and contribution to making the drive safe and enjoyable for everyone. Thanks to all the other enthusiasts who joined the drive; your spirit made it special. See you all soon on another drive!
  7. Dear Jerome, Thank you for the interesting drive, and appreciate your efforts to make it a memorable experience. The weather and the view from the dunes were amazing. Thank you, everyone, for the teamwork and for overcoming challenges. I look forward for the next drive!
  8. Hello Gaurav, Thank you for organising the interesting drive. I found the experience to be a valuable learning curve for me. Also, thank you, Pacific and the team members, for the support during the drive. I look forward to joining with you in more drives.
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