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  1. iroc

    Noise when in steering full lock

    It could be due to various causes, from something like a loose fender inner shield which maybe rubbing against your tyre or even worn out steering joints
  2. iroc

    the reverse lights dont work.

    It could be an issue with the contacts in the tail lamp holder.
  3. iroc

    Availability of Spare Parts

    The minimum order time for parts which are not in stock is usually 15 days from the dealership
  4. If it is the brakes you are referring to then master cylinder is the main brake unit which is connected to your brake pedal. Calipers or wheel cylinders come on each wheel and are slave units. Same applies for manual transmission vehicles with clutch master and slave cylinders.
  5. Was the seat moved with the car still running? If so then maybe the seat rails or motor needs checking
  6. What sort of codes or warning lights are there on your 911? Clearing a fault code does not usually take more than an hour unless there is a hard fault registered in the ECU. If so "what is causing the code" will need to be fixed first. Since it is at the dealership they should be able to update you in a day or two about the car's status. So the best is to call and speak to your service advisor.
  7. The pollen filter would be located towards the rear of the glovebox i.e on the right side
  8. What year model is your A4? There is a fuel vapour vent system in the form of a charcoal canister which collects the fuel vapour. There might be a block in the system. Hence when you try to fill fuel, the air in the tank gets purged back to the filling neck causing the fuel filling spout to shut. So the gas station attendant would need to fill it manually.
  9. If the water pump was changed under warranty your timing belt would have been replaced. If not it was due at 90K. Is your car a 1.8T?
  10. iroc

    Why is my Discovery overheating.

    Check the fan clutch and the electric cooling fans. Else check the radiator for any block.
  11. Your 911 would be running low on A/C gas. It is also possible that there might be a leak in the system. Visit
  12. Your Audi would be making the high pitch noise most likely due to a faulty PCV valve or a vacuum leak. If it is out of warranty I would be able to check it out.
  13. There would be two in total, one for front and one for the back
  14. On an average you would be looking at having them changed every 30k. Again it depends on the kind of terrain and driving style. People living in communities with lot of speed humps might see them off even at 20k.
  15. Most likely the bowden cable which is held by the catch on the inner handle has fallen off its slot. You will get a true picture only once the door pad is opened.