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  1. Audi: The Big Bang

  2. All BMW sedan cars have low profile tires.
  3. Generally, when the compressor fails, the AC do not blow cold air. You need to check that.
  4. tried man! I wrote an email to the executive of the dealership company. they did reply me back saying that they are sorry for such a dely, and they will help me to the extend they can. And gues what? Nothing happened after that.
  5. After long talks with the dealer, they finally agreed to show me if the radiaotr was leaking. And yes, they were right. It was leaking. Phew! IAt eats i am sure now that I am not giving them money for doing nothing. relieved!
  6. Its quite expensive. Dont you think?
  7. 10w30 is best suited for matrix in hot weather.
  8. Removing brake drums is really easy. Raise the tire platform by putting and stands with it. Unscrew the lug nuts from the tire. Remove the tire, and you will see the brake drums. Sometimes, the brake drums are attached by bolts as well. if you see bolts connecting the drums, unscrew that and disconnect the drum from the surface. Push it without harming the brake shoes. now you can attach the new brake drums. Before doing that, please make sure that the new brake drums are same shape and size of the old one andthey are specified under your car brand and model.
  9. Don’t drive on off-roads or potholes. Maintain the tire pressure regularly Or maybe the wheel alignment is not proper
  10. Low profile tires have short sidewall height compared to high profile tires. Sidewall height is the height of rubber between the road and the edge of the rim from outside. Low profile tires are meant for sporty cars actually not the normal cars.
  11. I think the accessory socket is not working in your car. to check the power in the socket you can opt for voltage light test.
  12. You can absolutely go for Hyundai Tiburon. I love the purple shiny tiburon car. It looks really cool. If you are going to buy a used one, try to get the car under 70,000KM because it will somehow save you to spend huge meoney on maintenance for now. Get the 2008 or above model, as they have better features and offcourse, less the maintenance cost!
  13. I think it’s because of the ABS system. May be the Abs system is responding inaccurately and that’s why you feel pulsation in the brakes and brakes become choppy.
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