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  1. i think the X6 has got personality in terms of the car.. The looks, performance and uniqueness of the car outmatches any other car i have driven. With a little touch ups the car looks amazing .. love the overall look of the car.
  2. Its a good idea keeping an eye on the hoses and the belts. In my opinion a lot of problems are caused by leaks and worn out belts. I also look at it as a safety concern because if these things are ignored than they usually leave you on the roadside with a dead car ... although bmws are hardly known for that. A thorough inspection every 50,000km on newer vehicles and 25,000 km on older ones is ideal for such belts and hoses.
  3. Hi guys, i know that this market is bit limited when it comes to motorcycles but iv always had some sort of a craze for it. recently got my hands on the license for it and look forward to buying one of bmw's motorrads. Any suggestions on what, where, when, how i should go about it. I knw that the R series is one of the best selling motorcycles of bmw ... i want to know more views on this series and plus should i stick to bmw or move to another brand?
  4. thank you very much ... Such a piece of cake and i have been going crazy about it for no good reason. will try it out and post my success here
  5. thanks yes I know where the odometer button is. How does that help?
  6. thanks for the advice guys Charl i understand what you are saying but its not about the money right now .. i live fairly off route and really can't make it to them for the next few days .. and i don't want to keep staring at this light. I want to know how to do it myself.
  7. Hello carnity users, I have a 5 series 10. About two and a half weeks ago I took my car in to Abu Dhabi motors for the regularly maintenance work and oil changes. Today I saw the service light on again for no good reason. At first I thought that they did not reset it correctly or there was something wrong with the maintenance but then i recalled that everything on the checklist was done properly and I have never had a problem like this with the previous maintenance trips. Anyways, thinking that I need to just try and reset the service indicator light myself I called up the guys at the dealership but they told me to bring it to them. This got me a little mad because I don't want to take out my time and money for something so small like this. Plus I insisted that I cannot manage a trip these days due to my routine so if they could just tell me how i can do it .. they said they can't do it over the phone and i sort of agreed on that. I know that resetting the indicator light is hardly an issue and if i knew the exact procedure how to I would have already done it myself. I need help with this small problem. Someone please.
  8. The BMW M series launch control feature is one of the best feature about this car. It allows you to achieve full acceleration from a standing still position without causing damage to the engine or the gearbox or cause spinning of the drive wheels. The concept of the launch control feature was first introduced for racers who had to hit maximum speed from their starting lines and this was not possible without this feature. It works with the help of an electronic accelerator and a computer generated program. Good luck on your new car but just don't speed too much because they got those speeding cameras everywhere on sheikh zayed rd now!
  9. Uhh thats terrible especially if it is happening to your BMW!! well yes but that normally happens when BMW oldies are used for 9+ years ... def not three. Mine is for five years and the car is immaculate! Is there a possibility that the paint job on the car was not original? Maybe someone had it done before you bought it? etc etc
  10. I always shine my steering wheel with a leatherique kit which is commonly available in the markets ... maybe that can help .. OR maybe the steering wheel is just too dirty and you need to really clean it up! Just make sure you sanitize the thing before you touch it
  11. hi there, The SMG is basically a manual transmission and in my opinion the behavior you describe is common in a manual car. The engine braking you describe after lifting off of the accelerator is actually considered a positive trait of manuals. Seems like you would have been happier with a true auto.
  12. Hey guys, I am having a small problem with my GPS system. I have a 2011 and got the factory GPS with it. I try to enter a specific street number but the system won't read that ... instead it will go to other numbers or codes which are far from the ones I am trying to enter ... Don't think this is a problem with the street numbers or the addresses I am entering but its like more of a technology problem. Any ideas what I should do?
  13. Hi Idris, That is a very good question... Personally, I think this is among the best features of a BMW ActiveHybrid. The brake energy regeneration is a system where the vehicle retrieves the energy created when a person applies the brakes and charges the battery with it. As the name suggests, this system was created for energy consumption efficiency since in other cars, this energy is normally wasted. Pretty smart eh?
  14. hi guys ... I have a mini and the doors just seem to have stopped opening lol What I mean to say is that they seem locked .. MOST of the times they dont open so i have to roll down the windows and open them from the outside. If they please, they do open for me once in a while but thats very rare hence I am getting concerned. Did not expect something like that from a mini! help needed!
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