Grand Iftar Drive - 25 May 2018


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It's once in a year opportunity for all off-roaders in UAE to meet and sit in one place to enjoy Great Grand Iftar together. It's being held in coordination with all off-road clubs and approx 400-500 cars shows up every year in Iftar bowl near Rafadah in Area 53.

Whether you are fasting or not, it's a must drive to attend to watch the union of off-roaders and witness the love and respect that everyone share in this small world. I have never failed to attend a single Grand Iftar Drive in the past 10 years and always enjoyed meeting some of my old off-road friends and making new friends.

Plan is to start from Tawi Nizwa area and follow the fence toward end of the track and then head to Iftar bowl. Considering the fasting time, first 9-10 kms is simple plain desert track next to fence. And then last 2-3 kms is good playable area in rolling dunes just before we reach iftar bowl. After the Iftar we might go for a quick spin in that same or closer area depending on everyone's availability and exit.

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When: 25 May 2018, Friday
Meeting time: 3 PM, convoy will move sharp at 3:15 PM
Where: Jabal Arafat Supermarket

GPS Coordinate:

Level of drive: All are welcome
Type of Car: Any proper 4x4 with front and back tow hooks and 10 inches of ground clearance
Plan: Day drive from Tawi Nizwa to Iftar Bowl and enjoy Iftar together.
What to bring along: Evening snacks, food for Iftar - whatever you like with little extra to share, water, liquids, smiles, stories, enthusiasm and willingness to learn.

Approximate finish time: 9 PM, 25 May 2018, Friday

Those interested to join can RSVP the below calendar:

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