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  1. i agree all wifes are awesome...if not they will beat up and bring you doen till that level where they are awesome....
  2. leave nissan alone you will have trouble finding spares...go with toyota then....any toyota even a awd corolla...
  3. its a big go go in my case where i didnt had place to stick my off road lights so i bought a aluminum nudge bar which is very light and has place to stick the lights too you can browse the gallary for pics
  4. wouldnt turbo have a lag starting where in desert you always need it right there in the begining
  5. if you have the will then there is always a way...
  6. @Javier M your video is a good example of what newbis and fewbis hear all the time us jabering when someone gets stuck if its front or rear heavy and @desertdude your video is a clear example of what not to do when off roading but one thing is clear if there are more poeple in a single area its always a good idea to juist steer clear and go to someplace else where there is less traffic so there is even less chance to get f**ked up... @Emmanuel your video has the guy fishtailing and loosing control
  7. i have acces to free cow camel and goat shit if anyone is interested but you have to collect it yourself....my farm buddy will be happy
  8. just be careful because it has happened when fueling they close earlier and pocket the difference i am not saying it happens all the time but i happens so it always wise to look at the meter so you are not cheated....
  9. there are wvent held here too in uaq awafi and liwa every year where you can pull off crazy things....
  10. It won't apply at renewal time you have to see online and pay it up so you get the discount..and sometimes the fines don't get updated to show the discount then you have to visit the traffic office if the respective emirate to inquire so they update the new amount so you can then pay it up...
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