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  1. shadow79

    African Overland Trip

    if that's the case then we do see crazy hulk sized engine mounted on lcs and petrol doing the moreeb dune in one go but do you wanna bet if it can cross from ajman to dubai by road without breaking down or burning up in flames...
  2. shadow79

    Mercedes EV that runs on AA batteries

    may be that way it would be cheaper as not all the batteries die at once you can just check which ones are bad and change those only
  3. shadow79

    African Overland Trip

    That is what the automotive industry is all about futuristic advanced space age technology at the price of consumer back to the over land trip it's safe to say that a series 100 is as comfortable and as reliable as it can get without breaking the bank 😀
  4. shadow79

    African Overland Trip

    the cars which run those dakar and camel are never your average cars
  5. shadow79


    @VishalJC do you have what it takes to survive here...? i just give you a heads up open arms open heart and lots of smiles....☺️ welcome here bhai
  6. shadow79

    African Overland Trip

    really don't know if its allowed or not but this will be helpful and sheds some light as they do such stuff regularly
  7. the vk56vd is a scarce item should the engine go kaboom it doesn't come in any other application except patrol and vk56de is available and shares with armada titan and such so i think you will be enjoying the drive more while you have the 320 hp one as the 400 hp has quite a wicked reputation for can even get a xterra and put a vk56de without the alteration of chassis or motor mounts its a straight fix only the bcm and wiring has to be altered and enjoy much more fun the patrol can ever provide.....
  8. while inspecting your prado please make sure that you check the right side front chassis for corrosion as almost all the prados have this problem as the water from the evaporator drain usually drops on that place and corrodes it you really dont wanna have a car with rusty or chassis repaired on the passing paper will put a dent on resale value and when you get it please extend that drain pipe in such a way that the drops end up on the ground....
  9. being back to the initial thing was that the car would run in mena region should not be a fuss to maintain as far as i know the pajero would not fall in it nicely as the african market is much more interested in the 4 cyl diesel pajero then the 6 cyl pajero i guess @treks could shed some light in that statement and almost all the united nations missions there maintain usually the lc, and the lc pick up which is also basically the same things internally you wont have to think twice for comparing the lc vs the pajero in this market i am sure
  10. Fj I get it but Prado of which era are you suggesting..? Fj and Prado from 04 onwards and Lc after 07 share the same engine gear...? V6 1gr and they too are strong cars but lc100 has this curde ready for all vibe to availability side of all the cars you have mentioned more votes should go to Lc 100
  11. Hello Handle'souter and inner and headlight it's better to get aftermarket as used one won't last (clear vision) And check for display you might get better then oem at the radio guys The steering wheel and a/c vents you can get used at sajja and or industrial area 6 just cross your fingers for how long they last
  12. Lc 100 series is from 97 to 07 if you are gonna convert it to manual then I suggest you get one whose gear is already shot so you save some while using the gear chip New one although it has many options and is intelligent when you are stuck self recovering with almost no human intervention but still all those goodies are electronic so totally depending upon them will make you a lazy good for nothing spoon fed hunk
  13. mention not welcome to the clan that's what carnity is all about hearing out and trying helping everyone converting to manual is not a easy thing it requires time and labour depending on the kind of work you can expect to pay from 12k to 15k as the gear and the transfer case has to be changed plus the clutch paddle setting with a auto you can achieve any terrain but with the manual you can go at it with ease only if you know how to push it in the right place when i say diesel it means it has a marginally little less hp in it then the petrol one which is more common in this region i can say most of the other off road groups really can't compete with the carnity off road group the guys here are really different and i am sure you will get to learn things some you might not even heard of when you are on the drives in this group
  14. shadow79

    Car switch new scam in town......?

    if you try to sell it yourself just be careful of people giving you checks and who try to hand you advance on weekend and try to take the car away for getting it checked alone don't leave the car until you got payed and transfer it to his name your car could end up in a salvage yard being chopped up for parts or in oman if you know him nicely and giving it with the registration then make a court paper naming him responsable and owner so later on you dont regret