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  1. it the information was public then we wouldn't had to scour the internet for tit bits of information here and there the manufactures themself would had done that its how things run here you cant change that no matter how hard you try and do i smell communists that i have to register and then only run a group or take dump...?
  2. they are not equipped with the right machinery till now and they have jumped to making money already without it...these self service pumps should have a safety mechanism in it so when the nozzle in actually in the tank then only to pump.. those place which provide such services in other countries have many such systems in place you know right now its all giggles and shits until someone actually shits then giggles... i faced this incident recently that someone before me had set the nozzle in full speed mode and placed it back so when my turn came i payed the attendant and as soon as i picked the nozzle out of the despenser before i turned to put it in it was just shooting fuel at full speed....
  3. had a guy come in with complain of sound and soft paddle while breaking he actually had lost a pad he should have heard the sounds way earlier but when the paddle became soft he thought to go to a workshop i changed the caliper as it had the piston out and bit eaten off the side (had one come in with a piston broken in half don't remember which car but it was american fiber piston pretty creepy)
  4. there are some by birth automotive technicians and some learned ones here and there some average joes who will not mind to do some light work themself on their cars or others then there are some special people who should stay away from the bonnets or let someone else look at it. As these machineries and cars run in a pretty complex sync. it is a dangerous occupation for those who don't understand it. just one wrong judgement can get you burned 'amputated or worse killed too if you are not paying close attention let alone damage to the car or property and putting others life in danger one such light humored incident comes to my mind when a customer bought a car on wiench to my shop who after changing the battery couldn't start the car upon closer inspection i found that the insulation on top of the battery was not removed but the terminals were pushed on top of it if the spareparts guy had made the mistake of giving him a reversed terminal battery and if the customer had somehow fixed that battery on the car then i guess i might had to do more then removing the insulation to start the car
  5. shadow79

    Realiabe mechanic for Honda

    whats up with it may be guys here might shed some light...
  6. shadow79

    27 Abandoned Car in UAE Impounded

    if you can pull the strings then some of those cars will be sold to you before heading for auctions.....
  7. shadow79

    Software update day

    i saw once carrying a portacabin house on one landcruiser it seemed like someone had put a elephant and the goat...
  8. shadow79

    Software update day

    its launch so will have many chinese brands like great wall then lifan and many wired chow paows may be you wont even see those cars here i have them in my launch too... and haven't used any of them except the great wall that also once in 2012...
  9. i try my best to not go to dubai altogether you can get whatever you looking for here in ajman and at max to sharjah without having to pay parking you will always find that open yard parking in walking distance in these places...
  10. prado is cash in your pocket you can sell it off anytime you want...
  11. if you don't use od off then the transmission will engage the last gear where possible saving you some milliliters of fuel and the engine run cool as usually the desert driving requires WOT's .you usually drive in 1st 2nd and 3rd mostly personally i keep it dont use it as in many places you might have seen me crossing the some of the dunes in pretty low speed (people behind me have a bit of hard time because of this) in most cars these buttons do not completely disable the nanny systems until you kill the power to it and to reverse that some have to just remove the battery wire and some have to do it by scan tool and or complete the drive cycles to re enable those and in some care these systems are interconnected you kill one you kill all...
  12. drive like the guy in front and the rear dont know how to drive might give you an greasy thoughts
  13. practice makes perfect...
  14. shadow79

    Happy 8th Birthday Carnity - 2010 - 2018

    happy birthday 2 2....
  15. shadow79

    A quick guide to self driving cars

    everything seems bitter but eventually it just catches on...