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  1. Screenwash in engine oil

    Recently got in a car with jammed front left caliper don't thought much just greased the retaining bolts opened the cylinder cleaned it with fresh break oil and fixed it was good only for a drive then again I see smoke and the disc glazing red upon further inspection saw atf oil in the break master cylinder had to put in a new cylinder and bleed oil from all 4 cylinder's the customer was like OK where do they put this red oil then...had to explain him where to put what and how to check oil lvls and conditions....
  2. Screenwash in engine oil

    Yes many Thanks to @Rahimdad for giving me the chance to showcase my work that time I had r11 but this time I have 141b my next Ac overhaul will be very r11 is again scarce forcing the price to go very high... had no choice but to get 141b...
  3. Screenwash in engine oil

    I feel the pain Barry
  4. see bhai vivian got it right i have flashed my samy s4 so its camera is crap and dnt bring the photo time device with me as i was running late bhai so couldnt get the photos but next time for sure bhai... will get it charged and ready
  5. Bhai allbody were snapping so I speared my s4
  6. Screenwash in engine oil

    na you wont have to go through all that much i had one brought in he actually filled it with water till the brim and started it after it was smoking steams this guy brought it to us and he was very concerned as it was not his car so i took it in and flushed it with diesel but it took a good amount of flushes after that it was fine
  7. Dodge Durango offroad capabilities

    the durango is good for 4 to 6k price but its the parts that let it sit in the workshop for days to sometimes weeks and yes the parts are sure to be expensive as they are pretty rear and most scrap guys dont import it as its a sitter..if you have a good relative there in us and he frequents to you then you should be ok
  8. Family outing with BBQ


    i am in with my 2 devils and 2 kg carnity flavoured chickens and @Abdul Basit Khan you can join me i have a seat spare and i'll also post the secret on the form while making it
  9. Power Steering Oil

    Sir its not diamond its peetal Bhai
  10. Power Steering Oil

    Then how will the opinions and facts be cleared if we don't have raw ravaged debate over here
  11. Power Steering Oil

    My 2 cents You can experiment with engine oil even blend your own mix but transmission oil especially the automatic there are standards there's and many I have seen auto fluid for range rover which was transparent and for 140 per liter and mercs c240 its was like 85 per liter and the then there's the t4 ,WS,jmatics ,dmatics ,ns2,the Dex brothers like 1 2 3 and 4 the BMW have even invented a lifetime transmission oil but that too has to be changed at the agency as that oil is not available outside... so if you toped up a little. I think it should be OK but if you drain and fill the wrong type of oil it should work at beginning but the clutches will deteriorate sooner then their expected running life then there is one more thing your gear bearings will survive as they only need lubrication from those oils nothing more the manufacturers have also started to make such trannys that dont have fill plugs and level gauges and some might have but make it difficult to get to so people won't tinker with it...
  12. Car Wrapping?

    i dubai i dnt know but in ajman and uaq its pretty easy to get it and cheaper too...doesn't matter where the car is registered
  13. Power Steering Oil

    just put any brand atf oil dex 3 but please dnt put petrol or engine oil or dot 3 then you will face problems