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  1. Even if you wanna change pulley seal you have to shell out 900 plus parts
  2. Both have same engine the one without woodruff key
  3. You can get those skid plates ready made from sharjah accessories shops scattered all around or else get yourself one custom made PS. The custom ones will be stronger as you decided what type if metal to use and how much thickness to use
  4. And lately if you play with your exhaust system and don't fix those pricey o2 sensors right then many cars get those wired misses and stalls for which I usually keep these dices just roll them and if you are lucky the problems get a fix
  5. Get a old model jeep like 97 to 2000 that are capable and whose parts are easy to get and the rig is also cheap...its a win win in both sides There are a few pics of jeep in what's up group of Carnity but it needs some changes so can be used off road but its 8cyl...
  6. A brotherly advice buy yourself a 6k or 7k rig and abuse it nicely its better then riding a rented one as there is no bureaucratic mambo jambo behind it. Its straight and clear as you own those who provide as much free hand on damage will cost as much as a cheap rig in few short if it the rent is 700 or 1500 per day you can own your own in few days rent money...
  7. And if you are ready to be stranded at sharjah then go ahead.we once had a charger upgraded from agency and imported from America.. Which had a different sound from stock but was basically from agency but still couldn't convince anjad at last they handed us a paper and took the car from us. We got it after 3 days without any it was originally fixed....but still the inconvenience of being without a car for 3 days not enjoyable....
  8. If you know how to push the right buttons then you always reach back home in one piece....
  9. There are small suspension shops scattered all around sharjah industrial area where you can get your vehicle raised just go to then and explain how much raised you want that way they will install harder springs so that will hold the car higher...
  10. Mazda are good strong cars but when something goes bad then parts are bit hard to find as not many shops deal in Mazda hence the used parts are bit expensive
  11. Low oil means the engine is making sounds because of gaps in metal to metal parts. armada engine can be found cheaper in sharjah you will get 5 days warranty for it and labour plus other small parts shouldn't go over 2k or 2.5k plus the engine price
  12. You can get it done at ajman near Cornish r/a there are radio shops and in sharjah also behind rotana r/a there is a market of shops there who deal in radio and related stuff just go there and inquire I am sure you will get what you want...
  13. Yes there is but its full of local shops from ajman free zone and I have looked there already... I have looked at dubizzle but the only guy having Motorola is at alain
  14. Rahim Bhai I hate going to Dubai because traffic somehow makes me insane where can I get it from sharjah Or Bhai if you have time and are passing by there then can you get it for me...?I would really appreciate that...
  15. Some friends of my brother might join in and they got a jeep Cherokee....