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  1. South East only what about the neighbors the Saudis they too have a crazy habit of just hopping in to the roundabouts....
  2. For old oil we can put new oil while the drain is open so as soon as new oil starts to come out we can close the drain bolt. But it's new oil which could add a liter more in price of changing oil price...and yet the heavier things still are there in the sump itself unless you open the sump and clean it manually....
  3. And regarding the electrical thing you could have taken the power from the source...taking positive from the fuse box is a bad idea...
  4. Don't go along with that plastic gourmet it's interchangeable you have to study the plate on the transfer case itself to be 100 % sure just where the rear shaft extends there is a round plate rebit to the case take note from there
  5. Those pesky motors do die I had fixed a roof of Lexus sc and it was a pain in the ass to find that motor
  6. I have seen name brand shop cars scavenge parts there who knows they might paint it and stick up to customers new...
  7. That was a 5 marks touestion Thank you teacher..
  8. Give it 30 to 90 seconds for oil pump to lubricant the engine and off you go in normal driving if you are going to push it hard as soon as it starts then it's better to wait for the engine to reach operating temperature so you can be throttle happy and enjoy the performance Most turbo cars have a delay timer which leaves the engine running even after ignition switched off and doors locked which will turn off the engine after reaching it's required temperature
  9. Cars will always have give and take relationship with you as it takes you where you want and regardless wants you to take care of it by preventive maintenance...now here lies the problem people don't want to spend but only drive... I have seen people ignoring my advice to Change the break pads but later on come back on a tow truck with a major damaged front end.. Ignoring my advice of changing the radiator but later on coming back with a busted radiator or burned head gasket... Then they say that owning xyz car was expensive because it always had something up. I agree that some cars are lemons but not all cars are same that's why it's always better to research and get second or third opinion before you put your money in a car as it will save you much more hassle in the long run...
  10. From seeing this i believe that you always have to improvise with what you have as what's in your hand is much better then those hiding in the bush
  11. 8 10 drives is never enough it's a continuous learning process being in group drives you get to experience many aspects which you might not experience
  12. Go to Jeep scrap regularly and who knows what you might stumble upon metal bumpers roof rakes performance mods all used but at almost half price but always carry cash with you as it will not be there for long those things go up pretty early...
  13. As long that someone knows what he is doing then it's fine...
  14. Putting dish liquid or shampoo makes the wipers last bit longer from what I have seen...
  15. Once the grease is out and sand sets in then the tolerance increases with time if you put thicker grease temporarily it will be silent but will be back at a later date... unless you have changed the outer or inner CV joint . That means you have eliminated the problem...
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